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Korean Englishman at the YouTube FanFest Korea 2015

Joshua Daryl Carrott is an English YouTuber, the host of the Korean Englishman channel on YouTube. His channel includes content in the Korean language, describing the reactions of British people to Korean culture and Korean food.[1][2] Most of his viewers are Korean.[3]

Carrott's family moved from England to Qingdao in China when he was 12. Qingdao has a large population of South Korean expatriates, and Carrott was first exposed to Korean culture in an international school there. He returned to England for university, reading Korean studies at SOAS, University of London with a year abroad at Korea University during which he became fluent in the Korean language.[1][2] He is married to Gabie Kook [ko], an Argentinian-born Korean chef who grew up in Spain and the US,[4] competed on MasterChef Korea,[5] and maintains another widely viewed YouTube channel.[6]

As of August 2017, the Korean Englishman channel had over 2 million subscribers.[7] Carrott also maintains a second channel, "Jolly", which he co-hosts with Ollie Kendal, his videographer for many of the Korean Englishman videos.[2] As of September 2017, the Jolly channel had over 500 thousand subscribers.[8]


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