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A jug is a type of container commonly used to hold a liquid.

Jug may also refer to:


  • The Jug, an island in West Virginia, United States
  • Jug Rock, a natural geological formation outside of Shoals, Indiana, United States
  • Jug Sport Hall, an indoor arena in Osijek, Croatia
  • Cepotina, a Serbian Army base also known as Jug
  • Jug II, a city district of Osijek, Croatia


  • Jugs, a slang term for women's breasts, especially large ones
  • Jug, a slang term for prison
  • Australian term for an electric kettle, New Zealand term for a kettle


Other uses[edit]

  • Jug, a nickname for the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft
  • Jug (dog), a cross breed between a Pug and a Jack Russell Terrier
  • Java User Group (JUG), a group of people who meet to discuss the Java programming language
  • VK Jug, a water polo club from Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Jug (instrument), used for rhythmic bass accompaniment
  • Jug wine, a term used for inexpensive table wine
  • Jug Tavern, a historic structure in Ossining, New York, United States
  • Jug (album), by jazz saxophonist Gene Ammons
  • Jug fishing, a method of fishing that uses lines suspended from floating jugs

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