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Tooma farm in Koguva, the birthplace of Juhan Smuul.

Juhan Smuul (18 February 1922 – 13 April 1971) was an Estonian writer. Until 1954 he used the given name Johannes Schmuul.


Smuul was born in Koguva village on the island of Muhu to Jüri and Ruudu Schmuul, he had three older sisters: Salme, Linda, and Liisa and one younger sister, Aliide, as well as six half-siblings from his father's first marriage.[1]

He wrote several novels, often based on life in his native island, he also authored several travelogues. His most famous is The Frozen Book (Jäine raamat), about a Soviet expedition to Antarctica. Smuul also wrote four screenplays, they are:

  • Kirjad Sõgedate külast (1966)
  • Keskpäevane praam (1967)
  • Metskapten (1971)
  • Siin me oleme! (1979) (TV)

He also worked in Soviet Estonian journalism, he died in Tallinn.

Monument to Juhan Smuul in Koguva on the island of Muhu.


Smuul was named People's Writer of the Estonian SSR in 1965, he was also awarded the Stalin Prize in 1952 and the Lenin Prize in 1961.

The State Prize of the Estonian SSR was named after him.

The Smuul family home, Tooma farm, located in Koguva village, is a museum.


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