June 2017 Kabul attack

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June 2017 Kabul attack
Part of War in Afghanistan (2015–present)
June 2017 Kabul attack is located in Kabul
June 2017 Kabul attack (Kabul)
June 2017 Kabul attack is located in Afghanistan
June 2017 Kabul attack (Afghanistan)
June 2017 Kabul attack is located in Middle East
June 2017 Kabul attack (Middle East)
Location Khair Khana area, Kabul, Afghanistan
Date 3 June 2017 (2017-06-03)
Weapons Explosives
Deaths 20
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Unknown

On 3 June 2017, three bombings were carried out Kabul, Afghanistan.[1]


A previous bombing on May 31, 2017 killed over 150 and injured over 463, targeting the German embassy. This led to concerns over security, eventually culminating in a protest on June 2.[2]


On June 3, following the death of deputy head of Senate Salim Ezadyar's son at the Kabul anti-government protest the previous day, his funeral took place. This funeral proceeded as scheduled despite authorities warning that militants could target any gathering as they had done the year before. During the funeral, three consecutive explosions took place, killing 20 and wounding 87.[3][4] No immediate claim of responsibility for the attack was made.[5]


President Ashraf Ghani blamed on the attack claiming "The outrageous attack on mourners burying the martyred", "The country is under attack. We must be strong and united."[6] and "a crime against humanity." [7]