Justice Is Done

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Justice Is Done
Justice is done poster.jpg
French Poster
Directed by André Cayatte
Produced by Robert Dorfmann
Written by André Cayatte (screenplay)
Charles Spaak (dialogue & screenplay)
Starring Valentine Tessier
Music by Raymond Legrand
Cinematography Jean Bourgoin
Edited by Christian Gaudin
Distributed by Coronis (France)
Joseph Burstyn Inc. (US)
Release date
20 September 1950 (1950-09-20) (France)
March 2, 1953 (1953-03-02) (US)
Country France
Language French

Justice Is Done (French: Justice est faite) is a 1950 French drama film directed by André Cayatte. It tackles the subject of euthanasia by depicting a court case in which a woman is tried for killing her terminally ill husband at his request. It won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


Elsa Lundenstein is accused of having murdered her lover. The jury discusses the case vividly. All members are somehow prejudiced because of personal life experience and subsequently each member reads something different into the presented facts.



The film is unique in that it won both the Golden Bear and the Golden Lion.



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