Justice of the peace (Belgium)

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The "Justice of the Peace" (Justice de Paix) in Philippeville (Namur province, Belgium).

The Justice of the Peace (Dutch: Vrederechter, French: justice de Paix) in Belgium is the small claims court in the Belgian judicial system.

Organisation & competences[edit]

Belgium is divided in 225 judicial cantons, each with its own justice of the peace.

The Justice of the Peace has competence in some 80 type cases, for instance civil and commercial cases up to maximum 2500 euro. Besides those cases, the Justice of the Peace has full competence, regardless of the amount, with regard to:

The Justice of the Peace also has various competences in the domain of family law (appointment of a guardian, alimony, collocation of the mentally ill,...)

Decisions by the Justice of the Peace can be appealed at the Court of First Instance.