K'allapayuq Urqu

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K'allapayuq Urqu
K'allapayuq Urqu is located in Peru
K'allapayuq Urqu
Shown within Peru
Location Peru, Ayacucho Region
Region Andes
Coordinates 13°01′34″S 73°45′18″W / 13.02611°S 73.75500°W / -13.02611; -73.75500Coordinates: 13°01′34″S 73°45′18″W / 13.02611°S 73.75500°W / -13.02611; -73.75500
Area 10 ha[1]
Height 3,935 m (12,910 ft)[1]
Cultures Chanka[1]

K'allapayuq Urqu (Quechua k'allapa stretcher, yuq a suffix to indicate ownership, urqu mountain,[2] "the mountain with a stretcher", also spelled Callapayoc Orqo, Kallapayuq Orqo) is an archaeological site in the Ayacucho Region in Peru on top of a mountain of the same name. The Chanka site lies in the La Mar Province, Anco District, between the communities of Uskhuqucha (Husjucocha, Osqoqocha, Uscoqocha) and Anchiway (Anchihuay). It is situated at a height of about 3,935 m (12,910 ft).[1][3]


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