K25 Time Capsule

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K25 Time Capsule
Box set by
Released29 October 2012 (2012-10-29)[1]
Kylie Minogue box set chronology
The Albums 2000–2010
K25 Time Capsule

K25 Time Capsule is a boxset by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. It was released in 2012 as part of Minogue's 25th Anniversary Celebrations, and featured most singles of her career up to that point.


In 2012, Minogue celebrated her 25th year in the music industry, and as a result, announced that she would be releasing special material to fans on the 25th of each month, and at the beginning of each month, would have a "#TweetToUnlock" where fans would have to tweet or post a specific hashtag a certain number of times in order to unlock the material of that month; these included videos from Minogue's Anti Tour (also launched as a K25 treat), her performance at the 2012 Mardi Gras, an Abbey Road performance of "Slow" and "Come into My World", and a video chronology of "The Loco-Motion" in July, to mark the 25th birthday of the song.

49 of Minogue's singles were chosen to appear in the set. These included "Locomotion", "Hand on Your Heart", "Better the Devil You Know", "Give Me Just a Little More Time", "Confide in Me", "Spinning Around", "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Slow", "2 Hearts", "All the Lovers" and the then-recently released "Timebomb".

Release and reception[edit]

The box set was announced in August 2012, and released in October that same year. Tim Sendra from AllMusic said that the box set was "a great and unique way for fans to collect all of Kylie's hits" and that it "will look super cute on the shelf", giving it four stars out of five.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Disc Number From Album Year of Release Length
Locomotion Disc One Kylie 1987 3:15
I Should Be So Lucky 3:24
Got to Be Certain Disc Two 1988 3:22
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi 4:02
Especially for You Disc Three Ten Good Reasons 4:01
It's No Secret Kylie 4:00
Hand on Your Heart Disc Four Enjoy Yourself 1989 3:54
Wouldn't Change a Thing 3:14
Never Too Late Disc Five 3:23
Tears on My Pillow 1990 2:28
Better the Devil You Know Disc Six Rhythm of Love 3:54
Step Back in Time 3:05
What Do I Have to Do Disc Seven 1991 3:36
Shocked 3:10
Word Is Out Disc Eight Let's Get to It 3:37
If You Were with Me Now 1992 3:13
Give Me Just a Little More Time Disc Nine 3:08
Finer Feelings 3:45
What Kind of Fool
(Heard All That Before)
Disc Ten Greatest Hits 3:43
Celebration 3:57
Confide in Me Disc Eleven Kylie Minogue 1994 5:55
Put Yourself in My Place 4:15
Where Is the Feeling? Disc Twelve 1995 4:14
Where the Wild Roses Grow Murder Ballads 3:59
Some Kind of Bliss Disc Thirteen Impossible Princess 1997 4:16
Did It Again 5:15
Breathe Disc Fourteen 1998 3:43
Cowboy Style 3:54
Spinning Around Disc Fifteen Light Years 2000 3:32
On a Night Like This 3:34
Please Stay Disc Sixteen 4:07
Your Disco Needs You 2001 3:35
Can't Get You Out of My Head Disc Seventeen Fever 3:54
In Your Eyes 2002 3:19
Love at First Sight Disc Eighteen 4:02
Come into My World 4:07
Slow Disc Nineteen Body Language 2003 3:18
Red Blooded Woman 2004 4:21
Chocolate Disc Twenty 4:04
I Believe in You Ultimate Kylie 3:21
Giving You Up Disc Twenty One 2005 3:35
2 Hearts X 2007 2:55
Wow Disc Twenty Two 2008 3:16
In My Arms 3:35
All the Lovers Disc Twenty Three Aphrodite 2010 3:25
Get Outta My Way 3:43
Better than Today Disc Twenty Four 3:29
Put Your Hands Up
(If You Feel Love)
2011 3:39
Timebomb Disc Twenty Five Non-album single 2012 2:58


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