KC Adams

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KC Adams
Born (1971-03-28)March 28, 1971
Yorkton, Saskatchewan Canada
Nationality First Nations, Canadian
Education BFA, Fine Arts Concordia University
Known for oil painting, photography, installation, multimedia art
Website http://www.kcadams.net

KC Adams (born 1971) is a Canadian-born First Nations artist and art administrator.

Adams obtained her BFA from Concordia University in 1998.[1] She is a multi-media artist who works in sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, printmaking and kinetic art.[2] She is well known for creating artwork that draws inspiration from popular culture and science fiction to deal with contemporary social issues.[3][4]


Besides working with more traditional forms of art, Adams has an interest in computers and new media technologies.[5]

Adams' first public art commission, entitled Community, hangs above the lobby of the United Way building in Winnipeg.[6] The works consists of a large, web-like ceramic and clay structure and was unveiled in 2014.[6]

Work from her Cyborg Hybrid series shows Euro-Aboriginal artists following the doctrine of the Cyborg Manifesto[5] and is in the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.[7] Ten prints from her Circuit City series are in the Indian and Inuit Art Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.[7] Her work Birch Bark Ltd. is in the collection of the Canadian consulate of Sydney, Australia.[7]

Her exhibition Perception is a pointed political statement aimed at challenging deeply engrained stigmas and prejudices against First Nations peoples.[8] The exhibition, shown in various galleries in Winnipeg, featured two side-by-side portraits of members of the city's indigenous community.[8] The portrait on the left showed the subject captioned with a racial slur, while the portrait on the right showed the same subject with their real name, occupation, interests and passions.[8]

Her artwork has been exhibited at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto,[9] Carleton University Art Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery,[10] Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, OBORO Gallery, Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery,[8] Gallery One One One and FitzGerald Study Centre at the University of Winnipeg.


KC Adams was Director at the Urban Shaman Gallery in Winnipeg from October 2008 to September 2009. She has worked at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art and has served as president of the board of directors of Ace Art and on the arts advisory panel for the Manitoba Arts Council[11]


Adams's work is in the public collection of the National Gallery of Canada.[12] Her artwork is in private collections in Canada and Australia.


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