KFNB – Austria and Moravia

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KFNB Austria and Moravia
KFNB Austria.jpg
The Austria. One of the first steam locomotives used in Austria
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderRobert Stephenson and Company
Build date1837
Total produced2
 • Whyte2-2-0
 • UIC1A n2
Leading dia.1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Driver dia.1,524 mm (5 ft 0 in)
 • Engine
1,524 mm (5 ft 0 in)
Loco weightService: 9.1 tonnes (9.0 long tons; 10.0 short tons)
Firebox type 
 • Firegrate area0.54 m2 (5.8 sq ft)
Boiler pressure3.5 bar (350 kPa; 50.8 psi)
Heating surface 
 • Tubes25.00 m2 (269.1 sq ft)
 • Firebox3.10 m2 (33.4 sq ft)
CylindersTwo, inside
Cylinder size254 mm × 406 mm (10 in × 16 in)

The KNFB - Austria and Moravia were two first steam locomotives used by the Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn in Austria. The pair of 2-2-0 locomotives were built by Robert Stephenson and Company and delivered in 1837.