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Kpdf icon.png
Developer(s) The KPDF Team
Stable release
0.5.10 / August 26, 2008; 10 years ago (2008-08-26)
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Operating system Cross-platform
Type PDF viewer
License GPL

KPDF is a free PDF reader based on Xpdf. It is integrated with the KDE platform, so it embeds very well in Konqueror as a KParts component. Nevertheless, KPDF has been replaced in KDE SC 4 by Okular.


Feature highlights:

  • Three different ways of searching: find dialog, thumbnail filter and type-ahead find.
  • Capture images and text easily with kpdf by dragging a rectangle around what is desired to be captured.
  • Choosing the default background/text colors, like a CSS style sheet.
  • Ability to add bookmarks to pages.

KPDF allows text in PDFs to be read through KTTS text-to-speech. Same as original Acrobat Reader, it provides side panel with thumbnails, allows double page mode. However it cannot rotate a page on its own, relying on the external means to rotate the whole screen when required.

Bookmarks are visible on the thumbnails and there is no other navigation feature to locate them. When a pdf-file was moved to another directory this files bookmarks remain consistent.

When running side by side it might show faster response than KGhostView (0.5.4) and in some cases even exceed the original Acrobat (9.0) [1].

KPDF was named Application Of The Month in April 2005.[1]

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