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"Killer-tune" is a song by Japanese rock band Tokyo Jihen, led by musician Ringo Sheena. It was released as the band's fifth single on August 22, 2007, as one of the two singles before the band's third album Variety; the song was written with lyrics by Sheena. Vocalist Ringo Sheena debuted as a solo musician in 1998, however decided to become a member of a band instead for her main musical activities, debuted Tokyo Jihen in 2004. After their debut album Kyōiku, two of the original members of the band made decisions to leave, were replaced by pianist Ichiyo Izawa and guitarist Ukigumo; the new line-up released the single "Shuraba", a song used as the theme song for the drama Ōoku: Hana no Ran. and the band's second album, Adult. Adult, while featuring lyrics written by Sheena and the band collaborating to arrange the songs featured "Himitsu", arranged by Izawa, "Tegami", composed by Izawa and arranged by Sheena. In late 2006 and 2007, Sheena resumed solo activities in collaboration with Neko Saito, on Heisei Fūzoku, a soundtrack album for the Mika Ninagawa film Sakuran.

The "Killer-tune" single was first announced on June 7, 2007, a month before the physical release of "OSCA". The Variety project for the band involved the band members other than Sheena amassing demo tapes, the band making careful selections. For the project, Sheena worked as a lyricist. After the band's tour for Adult, Domestic! Just Can't Help It, finished on May 30, 2006, Sheena requested band members Ukigumo and Ichiyo Izawa write songs for the band's next studio album. While Sheena is the primary songwriter for her solo career and for Tokyo Jihen's first two albums, she goes through periods of not being able to write music; the song was given the demo title "Swing" by Izawa, while writing it intended to make the song sound like swing music. Much like "OSCA", Izawa did not consider the song in terms of becoming a single while writing it, however it became one after the band voted on which two songs would become singles. Sheena wrote the song's lyrics after being inspired by the song's sound feeling inspired by the faces of fans at their live concerts.

The B-side "BB. Queen" was written sometime in 2003 or 2004, when Ukigumo first began recording music on his computer; the original song's tempo was much slower, not as chaotic as the studio version. "Karada" was created with an image of "sweet soul music" in mind by Ukigumo, impressed by Sheena's abilities when recording soul and rhythm and blues music. The single is stylistically similar to their next single "Killer-tune", released a month later. "OSCA" features an A-side written by Ukigumo and two Izawa compositions, while "Killer-tune" was written by Izawa and featured two Ukigumo compisitons as B-sides. In both cases, the final track is a song where Sheena collaborated with Robbie Clark to create a song with English lyrics. Neither release featured a cover song, unlike Tokyo Jihen's first three singles; the B-side "Karada" was given an new title in English, "Physical". The band appeared in magazines What's In, Dazed & Confused, Barfout!, Rockin' On Japan, Oricon Style and Smart to promote the release, as well as having special features on websites such as Biglobe, What's In?

Web and On August 20, Tokyo Jihen appeared on the Tokyo FM radio program Yamada Hisashi no Radian Limited DX, performed the song on television programs Music Station on August 24 and Count Down TV on August 25; the song was performed during the band's Spa & Treatment, Ultra C and Bon Voyage tours, with the band performing the song during their festival/event performances at the Rising Sun Rock Festival, Society of the Citizens Vol. 2, Countdown Japan, EMI Rocks and the Terebi Asahi Dream Music Festival. The B-side "BB. Queen" was only performed once by the band at Society of the Citizens Vol. 2, while "Karada" was performed as a part of the Spa & Treatment tour. Soon after the release of the single, the band began promotions for the Variety album, released a month on September 26, 2007. A music video was first unveiled on July 30, 2007, was directed by Yuichi Kodama, who had collaborated with the band on the music video for "OSCA", it features Sheena walking forward in the park area outside Saitama Super Arena.

The other members of Tokyo Jihen perform the song around her. During the final instrumental section of the song, the rain stops, six dancers in business attire dance the charleston. At the 2008 Space Shower Music Video Awards, the video won the award for Best Technical Works Video, while director Yuichi Kodama won the best director award. Critical reception to the release was positive. Kiyohiko Koike for Listenmusic felt the song was an easy to listen to pop-rock song, with an oldies swing rhythm, he praised Sheena's vocals, in. Reviewer Reiko Tsuzura called the song a "charming pop melody", praised the lyrics as "sparkling". Reviewers from CDJournal described the song as having a "light swinging band sound" and being "jazzy and dynamic", they praised Sheena's "sensual dynamism", along with Tokyo Jihen's addictive pop sense. For the B-sides, CDJournal described "BB. Queen" as "heavy psychedelic rock ", "the height of hysteria while still being fine quality pop." They noted. In reviewing "Karada", they noted the song's "gentle sweet melody and jazz essence", believing it was illustrative of a "Tokyo Jihen-style album-oriented rock style" the band was developing.

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Blake is blinded after mobster Logan Rhinewood bombs his car. Blake come to suspect that Krystle is having an affair with Nick, so after his sight returns he continues to feign blindness in order spy on her. In the season finale, he confronts Nick, who leaves an unconscious Blake for dead on a remote mountainside. Krystle gets him help. Blake learns that Fallon's son, his namesake "Little Blake" Colby, has been kidnapped. Blake and Alexis make a televised plea for the return of their infant grandson, on-air Alexis confesses a dark secret from their past: their firstborn son, had been kidnapped as a baby and was never recovered. Traumatized by the event, they had hidden his existence from their subsequent children Fallon and Steven. Weeks attorney Michael Torrance from Billings, Montana approaches Blake and claims to be Adam. Though Alexis believes him, Blake does not, but he accepts Adam as his son. Blake and Krystle learn, their relationship deteriorates, until Krystle separate. Steven is missing and presumed dead in an oil rig explosion, but Blake refuses to believe that his son is dead.

When Steven's ex-wife Sammy Jo, Krystle's niece, appears with a baby that she says is Steven's, Blake offers to keep the child. He learns that Steven is alive, flies to Singapore to convince him to return to Denver. In the third season finale, Blake learns that Steven is living with another man, decides to sue for custody of his grandson. Blake loses his custody fight; however and son reconcile when Blake and Krystle remarry. Still seeking revenge, Alexis enlists Rashid Ahmed to sabotage a deal. Blake is broken. Blake manages to save his company. Blake learns that he has an illegitimate half-sister, Dominique Deveraux, he accepts his sister after his father, Tom Carrington, admits on his deathbed that she is his daughter. A few months Blake learns that Alexis had another child after they divorced, a daughter she named Amanda. Although Alexis denies that he is Amanda's father, Blake learns that she is, in fact, his daughter. At Christmas, Blake is thrilled. Although her health is fragile at first, she thrives.

Blake grows jealous of Krystle's friendship with playboy Daniel Reece. Meanwhile, Lady Ashley Mitchell attempts to seduce Blake. Someone has photos taken of both Blake with Ashley and Krystle with Daniel, sends them to the other spouse; however and Krystle declare their love for each other. The entire family attends the wedding of Amanda and Prince Michael of Moldavia, rebels storm the chapel and spray the church with bullets. Blake and his family survive the attack. Upon returning to Denver, Blake enters a business deal with Jason Colby, is shocked to discover that Fallon is alive, suffering from amnesia, married to Jason's son, Miles. Krystle is kidnapped by Joel Abrigore and replaced with a look-alike named Rita Lesley, who poisons him on Joel's orders. Blake's health deteriorates until he is completely incapacitated. Sammy Jo helps Krystle escape captivity. Joel and Rita disappear. Blake is furious. In league with Alexis, Ben sues for his share of their late father's estate. Blake mortgages his house and holdings, expecting to gain control over ColbyCo.

Thanks to Ben and Alexis's interference, he loses everything, including his lucrative South China Sea