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Kađenica, pećina-kapela.JPG
Kađenica chapel
Basic information
Location Dljina, (Čačak),  Serbia
Affiliation Serbian Orthodoxy
Leadership Serbian Orthodox Church
Architectural type Cave-church
Materials Stone

The Smoke Cave or Kađenica is a cave-church[1] located in the village of Dljina near Čačak on the right bank of the Zapadna Morava, one kilometre upstream from Ovčar Banja, Serbia.

During the Hadži Prodan's revolt in 1814, people found refuge in the cave. Turks discovered their hiding place and using straw and woods set it on fire, suffocating everyone inside. This incident also gave the name to the cave. In 1936 the remains were retrieved,[2] fully cremated and buried in two stone sarcophaguses. They were paces in the cave's church altar apse, under the representation of the Jesus' Crucifixion.


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