Kagloryuak River

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Kagloryuak River
Country Canada
Physical characteristics
Main source 10 m (33 ft)[1]
River mouth Prince Albert Sound
Sea level
70°17′03″N 111°30′13″W / 70.28417°N 111.50361°W / 70.28417; -111.50361 (Kagloryuak River)Coordinates: 70°17′03″N 111°30′13″W / 70.28417°N 111.50361°W / 70.28417; -111.50361 (Kagloryuak River)

The Kagloryuak River is located on Victoria Island in Northern Canada, commencing in Nunavut and ending in the Northwest Territories. Starting from the central plains, it flows west into Prince Albert Sound.[2]

The Kagloryuak River Valley has a density of king eiders and Canada geese.[3] In 2007, the Kagloryuak River Valley became a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat Site[4]

The river is an important source of Arctic charr for the community of Holman.[5]

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