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Kalan may refer to:

  • The sea otter, also called kalan, a large otter native to the North Pacific
  • Kalan Müzik, Kalan Music, Istanbul, Turkish independent record label of ethnic and folk music


  • Elliott Kalan (born 1981), U.S. comedy writer and comedian
  • Kalan Porter (born 1985), or just "Kalan", singer, a winner of TV show Canadian Idol


  • Kalan (Turkey), name until 1936 of the Dersim Province capital, now Tunceli
  • Kalan (France), original Breton name of the Bretagne town of Calan, Morbihan
  • Kalán, Hungarian name for the town of Călan, Hunedoara County, Romania
  • Kalan, Ardabil, a village in Ardabil Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Kaleybar, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Varzaqan, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Ilam, a village in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Lorestan, a village in Lorestan Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Qazvin, a village in Qazvin Province, Iran
  • Kollan, Dalgan, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Tehran, a village in Tehran Province, Iran
  • Kalan Rural District, an administrative subdivision in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Kalan, Mughal word used in India and Pakistan for "big", administrative suffix or prefix for places:
    • In Pakistan, such as Birote Kalan or Dholla Kalan
    • In India, such as Uppal Kalan or Kalan Wali
    • KALAN : is a caste (HINDU) located in maharashtra district Raidag, Thane, Mumbai . Kalans are origanaly from Ujjain/Avantikanagari (Madhya Pradesh). DIXIT PURAN is their holy Grantha. Many years ago they
  shifted to south then MungiPaithan to Pune. In 1662 at the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vaghoji tupe was the killedar at Lohgad Fort near pune ; as orderd by Maharaj he conquared PEN GADHI (Raidad dist.)
  At that time many families of KALAN SAMAJ shifted to Mahad, Indapur< Alibag, Nagothane ,Pali ,Panvel then to Karjat, Murbad ,Shahapur, Javhar , Vada, Kasara, then Mumbai . this caste is 100% educated , civilesed .
  they prays Lord Shiva. todays populatiton is around 7000 only .

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