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Map of 1975

Kalisz Voivodeship (1) 1975–1998[edit]

Kalisz Voivodeship (1) 1975–1998 (Polish: województwo kaliskie) was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland in years 1975–1998, superseded by Greater Poland Voivodeship.

Capital city: Kalisz

Major cities and towns: (population in 1995):

Kalisz Voivodeship (2) 1815–1837[edit]

Kalisz Voivodeship (2) 1815–1837 (Województwo Kaliskie), was an administrative unit of Poland from 1815–1919. It was part of Kingdom of Poland (so called Congress Poland).

It was based on Kalisz Department (1806–1815), and in 1837 it was reformed into Kalisz Governorate.

Kalisz Voivodeship (3) 1314–1793[edit]

Kalisz Voivodeship of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Kalisz Voivodeship (3) 1314–1793 (Województwo Kaliskie, Latin: Palatinatus Calisiensis) was an administrative unit of Poland from 1314 to the partitions of Poland in 1772–1795. It was part of Greater Poland province.

The Greater Poland divisions[edit]

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Coordinates: 51°45′50″N 18°05′04″E / 51.763799°N 18.084363°E / 51.763799; 18.084363