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c. 1200–712 BC
Kammanu and its capital Melid/Milid among the Neo-Hittite states
Capital Melid
Languages Hieroglyphic Luwian
Religion Luwian religion
Government Monarchy
Historical era Iron Age
 •  Established c. 1200
 •  Disestablished 712 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Hittite empire
Neo-Assyrian Empire
Today part of  Turkey

Kammanu was a Luwian speaking Neo-Hittite state in a plateau (Malatya Plain) to the north of the Taurus Mountains and to the west of Euphrates river in the late 2nd millennium BC, formed from part of Kizzuwatna after the collapse of the Hittite Empire. Its principal city was Melid.

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