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Niederösterreich Rosenburg 2010 01.JPG
The Kamp near Rosenburg castle
Country Austria
Physical characteristics
Main source Waldviertel
River mouth Danube
48°23′N 15°48′E / 48.383°N 15.800°E / 48.383; 15.800Coordinates: 48°23′N 15°48′E / 48.383°N 15.800°E / 48.383; 15.800
Length 168.4 km (104.6 mi) [1]
Basin features
Progression DanubeBlack Sea

The Kamp is a 168 km long river in northern Austria, left tributary of the Danube. The source of the Kamp is on the border of Lower Austria and Upper Austria, near the town Liebenau, in the Mühlviertel. It flows generally east through Rappottenstein (where it receives its tributary Kleine Kamp), Zwettl, Krumau am Kamp and Gars am Kamp. The Kamp flows into the Danube near Grafenwörth, east of Krems.


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