Kanichi, Peru

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Location Peru, Ayacucho Region, Lucanas Province
Region Andes
Coordinates 14°23′03″S 73°57′26″W / 14.38417°S 73.95722°W / -14.38417; -73.95722Coordinates: 14°23′03″S 73°57′26″W / 14.38417°S 73.95722°W / -14.38417; -73.95722

Kanichi (from Ayacucho Quechua,[1] Hispanicized spelling Caniche) is an archaeological site in Peru. It was declared a National Cultural Heritage by RDN No. 197/INC on April 2, 2003. Kanichi lies in the Ayacucho Region, Lucanas Province, Carmen Salcedo District.[2][3]

The archaeological complex, which is about 200,000 square meters,[4] was influenced by the Wari and Chanka cultures.[4] The complex includes a variety of buildings including Chullpas, religious and ceremonial buildings, service centers, and a water system of wells and springs.[4]

Kanichi is open to tourists from 6am to 6pm.[4]


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