Kapo (mythology)

In Hawaiian mythology, Kapo is a goddess of fertility and dark powers. Kapo is known as Kapo-ʻula-kīnaʻu, where "the epithet ula-kinaʻu is used in allusion to the fact that her attire, red in color, is picked out with black spots; the name Kapo alone is the only by which she is known." "Kapo is said to have been born of Papa while she was living up Kalihi valley on Oahu with Wakea her husband. Some say, she is of high rank and able to assume many shapes at will." She is the mother of Laka. She is the sister of Kāne Kamohoaliʻi, Pele, Nāmaka and Hiʻiaka. Kapo had a detachable vagina, which she once used as a decoy to aid her sister Pele to flee the overzealous Kamapua'a, she saved Pele from being raped by Kama-pua'a by sending her flying vagina as a lure. Kama followed this to Koko Head, where it left an imprint. Kapo hid it in Kalihi Valley. "When the Hawaiians dream of a woman without a vagina it is Kapo.... Unless a medium possessed by Kapo wears a ti leaf protection she is in danger of having this part of her body torn at."

"Kapo, sister of the poison-tree gods of Maunaloa and proficient in the arts of herb medicine and sorcery, teaches Ke-ao-melemele on the dancing field near Waolani in Nu'uanu valley until she can dance in the skies and over the sea." "As Kapo’ulakina’u she was the Kapo invoked by kahuna when sending evil back upon someone." Kapolei, the Second City on Oahu, is named after Kapo, meaning "Beloved Kapo". "Kohelepelepe "Labia Minora"". "Koko Head Crater was Kohelepelepe. That's Hawaiian for'fringed vulva'; the crater is the imprint of the vulva of Kapo... It was a flying vulva, Kapo used it to lure the pig god here, it flew from here to Kalihi...."

Banihal Qazigund Road Tunnel

Banihal Qazigund Road Tunnel is an 8.5 km road tunnel at elevation of 1,790 m in the Pir Panjal range in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir connecting Banihal and Qazigund. It is a double tube tunnel consisting of two parallel tunnels - one for each direction of travel; each tunnel has two lanes of road. The two tunnels are interconnected by a passage every 500 m for maintenance and emergency evacuation; the tunnel will have forced ventilation for infusing fresh air. It will have control systems for security, it is expected. Construction of this tunnel started in 2011 along with the project to widen NH 44 to four lanes; the existing road tunnel below the Banihal pass, has been a bottleneck on the road due to its elevation of 2,194 m and limited traffic capacity. The new tunnel's average elevation at 1,790 m is 400 m lower than the existing Jawahar tunnel's elevation, which would make it less prone to avalanches; when completed, the tunnel would reduce the road distance between Qazigund by 16 km.

As of May 2016, 7.2 km of the 8.5 km had been excavated. As of February 2017, the tunnel excavation was close to completion, with tunnel commissioning expected in 2018. May 2017: Tunnel work to complete in 2018. December 2017:The company hopes the project will be completed by 2019. February 2018: Boring work of one tunnel has been completed, boring work of second tunnel is expected to be completed by March 2018. May 2018: Boring of the entire 8.5 km tunnel was completed on 20 May 2018 and the tunnel may open in 2019. Jan 2019:Tunnel may open for traffic by March 2020. Nov 2019: Work progressing at slow pace, tunnel expected to be opened in Mar-2020. Tunnel to open on March 2021 The Southern portal of the tunnel is at 33.4895°N 75.1729°E / 33.4895. Jawahar Tunnel Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel Zoji-la Tunnel Z-Morh Tunnel Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel NH 44


KeMonito is a Mexican Mascota enmascarado, or masked professional wrestling manager/mascot working for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre portraying a tecnico wrestling character. KeMonito's real name is not a matter of public record, as is the case with masked wrestlers in Mexico where their private lives are kept a secret from the wrestling fans; as KeMonito he accompanies and helps various tecnicos in CMLL, a role he used to fill for Tinieblas under the name "Alushe". As KeMonito he wears a full bodysuit which resembles that of a monkey with blue fur and yellow skin, as Alushe he wore a furry full bodysuit resembling an Ewok The man who would perform as both Alushe and KeMonito was trained by Diablo Velazco for a career as a Midget professional wrestler, but due to his diminutive stature, 0.80 m, he never worked as a full-time wrestler. In 1988 Tinieblas introduced a new sidekick/partner/mascota in the form of Alushe, wearing a furry full body suit including a mask that made him resemble an Ewok from the Return of the Jedi movie.

His name and playful character was inspired by the legend of the Alux, a Maya mythical sprite. The diminutive sidekick was added to appeal to the kids in the audience and given an intricate storyline background to help sell the "Mythical" nature of the creature Alushes. According to his fictional back story he is a Mayan elf born in the year 1767 in the city of Anahuac in Xibalba, the Mayan version of hell and made his debut in 1988 at the tender age of 221 years. Over the years Alushe would accompany Tinieblas to the ring and in a comedic fashion play the foil to various rudo opponents of Tinieblas in a comedic fashion, he never worked as an actual wrestler, not when Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre created the Mini-Estrellas division, choosing to remain a Mascota who would get involved in his "Masters" matches. As Alushe he has outwitted and at times pinned much larger opponents, feats that within the fictional world of professional wrestling were accepted though they broke the suspension of disbelief principles professional wrestling operates under.

While he did not compete as a wrestler he did get involved in a Luchas de Apuestas, or "Bet match" where all competitors would wager either their mask or their hair on the outcome of the match. On April 7, 2004 Alushe defeated a Mini-Estrella forced him to unmask. At one point Pierroth Jr.'s group Los Boricuas kidnapped Alushes and in a comedic segment threatened to boil him in a giant pot and eat him if Tinieblas and Tinieblas Jr. did not agree to their terms. Instead of boiling him, realizing he would not smell or taste good, Pierroth offered Alushe women and money to join his team as long as he swore allegiance to Puerto Rico, he took the offer and for a short while joined Los Boricuas, wearing Puerto Rican inspired clothes as he helped the rudo team cheat. The storyline did not last long as Alushe was back by Tinieblas side with no explanation a short while later. In 2005 Tinieblas and Alushe had a falling out and Tinieblas gave the costume and name to someone else; the replacement did not prove as successful as the original Alushes, nor have the same longevity as Tinieblas started a search for a new Alushe in 2010.

The mascota, known as Alushe up until 2005 was given a new ring name and costume by CMLL when Tinieblas took the original name and costume away from him, coming up with the name "Qué Monito" it would morph into, "K-Monito" and finally "Ke Monito" or "KeMonito". He was given a bodysuit resembling a fuzzy blue chimpanzee or gorilla; as Ke Monito he accompanies a number of CMLL's mid and top level tecnicos to the ring to help counter act any cheating their opponents may resort to. Over the years he became a constant thorn in the side of the group Los Guerreros del Infierno their leader Último Guerrero, who took great pleasure in throwing the diminutive KeMonito around the ring at times kicking him off the ring apron to the floor. Los Guerreros del Infierno introduced their own "Evil KeMonito" called Ultimonito who would fight Ke Monito. In recent years popular Lucha Libre AAA World Wide Mascota Cuije joined CMLL as part of Los Invasores and started a feud with Ke Monito. Cuije would change his name to Mije due to a name dispute with AAA.

CMLL introduced another Mascota in 2011 as La Peste Negra added the Mascota Zacaraias, a little person in a parrot costume. Over time the three CMLL Mascotas have developed a long running rivalry between the three and brawls between any of the Mascotas draws a loud reaction from the crowd; the Alushe character appeared on a Television show called "The Adventures of Capulina" defending Capulina against various enemies. Alushe and Tinieblas appeared on the television show Burbujas where they defeated Ecoloco, the show's Antihero character