Karapuzha Dam

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Karapuzha Dam
Karappuzha Dam.JPG
Upstream face of the dam
Karapuzha Dam is located in India
Karapuzha Dam
Location of Karapuzha Dam in India
Official name Karapuzha Dam
Country India
Location Wayanad, Kerala
Coordinates 11°37′03.13″N 76°10′19.34″E / 11.6175361°N 76.1720389°E / 11.6175361; 76.1720389Coordinates: 11°37′03.13″N 76°10′19.34″E / 11.6175361°N 76.1720389°E / 11.6175361; 76.1720389
Purpose Irrigation
Status Operational
Construction began 1977
Opening date 2004
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Embankment, earth-fill
Impounds Karapuzha River
Height 28 m (92 ft)
Length 625 m (2,051 ft)
Spillway type Ogee, radial gate-controlled
Spillway capacity 969 m3/s (34,220 cu ft/s)[1]
Total capacity 76,500,000 m3 (62,020 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity 72,000,000 m3 (58,371 acre⋅ft)
Inactive capacity 4,500,000 m3 (3,648 acre⋅ft)
Surface area 8.55 km2 (3 sq mi)
Normal elevation 763 m (2,503 ft)

Karapuzha Dam located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is one of the biggest earth dams in India. Karapuzha Dam is located in the greenish and natural regions of Wayanad, Kerala on the Karapuzha River, a tributary of the Kabini River. Construction on the dam began in 1977 and it was complete in 2004, the purpose of the dam is irrigation and it left and right bank canals are still under construction.[2][3]


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