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The Karenggapa are an indigenous people of New South Wales.

Map of Karrenggapa Traditional Lands


Norman Tindale estimated the extent of their tribal lands at 5,500 square miles (14,000 km2), reaching from Mount Bygrave in northwestern New South Wales to Woodbum Lake in Queensland. They took in Tibooburra, at Yalpunga and Connulpie Downs, and included the Bulloo Lakes area. Their southwestern boundaries lay in the vicinity of Milparinka, while their eastern frontier ran along Therloo Downs.[1]

Social organization and rites[edit]

The Karenggapa did not practice subincision, their initiation rites involving only circumcision.[1]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Karengappa
  • Karrengappa
  • Kurengappa[1]



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