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Silesian karminadle
Alternative names Gehaktyz, karbinadle, kardinadle
Type Meatball
Course Main
Place of origin Silesia, Poland
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Pork
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Karminadle, gehaktyz, karbinadle, kardinadle - a Silesian dish, meatballs traditionally prepared from pork meat. The aforesaid compose a traditional Upper Silesian karminadle, served with potato pureé, kasza or rice.[1]

Generally, karminadle are small, round and often flattened cutlets made from pork or pork-beef meat, although more commonly historically from rabbit meat, due to the ongoing rabbit breeding tradition in Upper Silesia. Formerly, karminadle was a holiday-only dish, presently served during a normal weekday.[2]

Karminadle, sliced in half, may be served cold on bread or bread rolls.[3][4]

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