Kartu languages

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Western Australia
Linguistic classification Pama–Nyungan
  • Southwest
    • Kartu
Glottolog kart1249[1]
Kartu languages (green) among other Pama–Nyungan (tan). Wajarri is the southern and interior group.

The Kartu languages is a group of Indigenous Australian languages spoken in the Murchison and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia. They are thought to be closely related and to form a low-level genealogical group.

The languages usually considered to be members of the Kartu group are, from north to south:

The inclusion of Nhanda is dubious. It was excluded in Bowern & Koch (2004),[2] but retained in Bowern (2011).[3]

The name kartu comes from the word for 'man' in one of the languages. In some earlier work the word was spelled 'kardu'.

The Kartu languages form a branch of the Pama–Nyungan family.[3]


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