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Katharine E. Lucke (1875–1962) was an American organist, music educator and composer.

Lucke graduated from Peabody Conservatory of Music in 1904.[1] After completing her studies, she lived and worked in Baltimore, Maryland. She served as organist at the First Unitarian Church in Baltimore,[2] and took a position as a faculty member of Peabody in 1919.[3]

Lucke's papers are housed at Peabody.


Lucke composed mainly songs, sacred music, chamber music and solo compositions. Selected works include:

  • A Song on the Wind, Mo Bron! by Katharine E Lucke (Music) and William Sharp (lyrics) (1947)
  • My Harp of Many Strings: Sacred Song by Louise B. Brownell (lyrics) and Katharine E. Lucke (Music) (1944)
  • Longing by Katharine E. Lucke (Music) and William Sharp (lyrics)
  • Candles
  • Allegretto, for organ
  • Andante Cantabile for chamber ensemble

Some of Lucke's works are recorded and available on CD:

  • Historic Organs of Baltimore (1995)[4]


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