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Kathryn M. Drennan is an American writer, having worked for Carl Sagan on the mini-series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage in the early 1980s[1] and for Michael Piller, producer at the time for Star Trek: The Next Generation, in the early 1990s.[2] She also contributed articles to several magazines, including Starlog[3][4][5] and Twilight Zone Magazine.[6] She was married to J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, and wrote articles about Rod Serling's Night Gallery for Twilight Zone Magazine together with him.[6] She wrote one script during Babylon 5's first season, "By Any Means Necessary" as well as the prose Babylon 5 novel, To Dream in the City of Sorrows. She also wrote scripts for two other shows Straczynski worked on, She-Ra: Princess of Power and The Real Ghostbusters.[7]

Personal life[edit]

She met J. Michael Straczynski while they were both at San Diego State University. They moved to Los Angeles on April 1, 1981. They married in 1983,[8] separated in 2002, and were divorced in 2008.[9]



Articles and stories in magazines[edit]

  • "The Mind Withdrawn", short story published in the Star Trek fanzine, Galactic Discourse #1, Feb 1977.
  • "Rod Serling's Night Gallery" w/ J. Michael Straczynski, article in Twilight Zone Magazine, 3 issues, Mar - Aug 1985.
  • "A Show by Show Guide to Rod Serling's Night Gallery" w/ J. Michael Straczynski, article in Twilight Zone Magazine, 11 issues, Mar 1985 - Jun 1989.
  • "David Opatoshu and A Taste of Armageddon", article in Starlog, Jun 1987.
  • "Bill Paxton: The Howling Commando", article in Starlog, Jan 1988.
  • "Wil Wheaton: Acting Ensign", article in Starlog, Apr 1988.
  • "Jonathan Frakes: One on One", article in Starlog, Jun 1988.
  • "The Art of Night Gallery, article in Twilight Zone Magazine, Feb 1989.
  • "DeForest Kelley's Medical Plan", article in Starlog, Jun 1989.
  • "DeForest Kelley's Western Days", article in Starlog, Jul 1989.
  • "A Test of Character", article in Starlog, Dec 1989.

Television credits[edit]


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