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The Kavšek Bridge

The Kavšek Bridge (Slovene: Kavškov most)[1] or Kauschegg Bridge (Slovene: Kauscheggov most; the historical Slovene name inscribed on the bridge), sometimes listed as the Karchegger Bridge (Karcheggerjev most),[2] is a one-arch stone bridge crossing Glinščica Creek in Podutik, a neighbourhood in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was built by the board of the first district road and named after Franz Kauschegg (Franc Kavšek), who led the works.[3][4] It is part of Podutik Street (Podutiška cesta) and is used as a walkway and for a bicycle lane; a new bridge for motorised traffic has been built next to it.[5]


The bridge has low stone walls on both sides built from Glinica limestone blocks in two rows. On its southern wall stands a column with a relief of the Madonna and Child in a shrine on its top. On its base, an intercession to Mary in four verses has been carved.[2][5] Also written are the year of construction of the bridge and the name of the stonemason, Alojzij Vodnik. The relief is a faithful copy of the original one and was restored by Julijan Renko.[5] The base is original, whereas the upper part of the column with the shrine was made as part of the rebuilding by the Vodnik family from Kamna Gorica near Podutik.[5] The north wall had a stone cross, which was demolished after World War II.[6]


The bridge was built in 1901 from local limestone under the direction of Franc Kauschegg, road committee member,[3] and was used for road traffic until the 1960s. It collapsed on 29 May 1985.[7] In 1993, it was rebuilt in its original form and opened for public use on 19 May 1993.[5] Since August 2001, it has been protected as local cultural heritage.[3][5]



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