Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

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Kenilworth School and Sixth Form
Leyes Lane

, ,

Coordinates52°20′46″N 1°33′36″W / 52.34606°N 1.55991°W / 52.34606; -1.55991Coordinates: 52°20′46″N 1°33′36″W / 52.34606°N 1.55991°W / 52.34606; -1.55991
TypeFoundation school
Local authorityWarwickshire County Council
Department for Education URN125747 Tables
Head teacherMr Hayden Abbott
Age11 to 18
HousesWebb Ellis, Ashes, and Davis (named for rugby, cricket, and tennis respectively)

Kenilworth School and Sixth Form, also known as Kenilworth School and Sports College, is a secondary school and sixth form based in both Leyes Lane (Secondary School) & Rouncil Lane (Sixth Form), Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England.


Kenilworth School was three schools from the 1960s until 1974, Abbey High School, Castle High School & Kenilworth Grammar School; the three sites were then merged into Kenilworth School, with Castle High School becoming Castle Sixth Form, the Grammar school becoming Priory Hall and Abbey remaining as it was. Both Halls were then overseen by the Principal of Kenilworth School who was Mr Wilson.

School today[edit]

Today, the school retains its three sites: Lower School, Upper School and Sixth Form; each site is the main area for a certain key stage.

In February 2013 the school was inspected by Ofsted – the grading awarded was 1 (Outstanding) in every category (Leadership & Management / Teaching & Learning / Behaviour & Safety / Achievement) this was an improvement on the previous inspection 5 years previous where the school was awarded 2 (good) under the old Ofsted framework.

Lower School[edit]

Lower School is for students in Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9). The Building of Lower School accommodates Lower School students for the registration period (tutor time) and break-times. Lower School is also the home of the library and the dance studio. Lower School also holds various subjects.

Lower School.

The Subjects taught in the Lower School buildings are;

  • Science – Biology,
  • Humanities (History, Geography, Religious Studies, Latin and Citizenship),
  • Languages (French, Spanish and German),
  • Technology (Resistant Materials, Textiles, Food and Graphics)
  • ICT,

Upper School[edit]

Upper School is for students who are studying GCSEs (Year 10 and 11). The Building of Upper School accommodates Upper School students for the registration period (tutor time) and break-times. Upper School is also the home of the drama studio. Like the Lower school, Upper school also holds various subjects.

Upper School.

This site was formerly the site of Kenilworth Grammar School.

The Subjects taught in the Upper School buildings are:

  • Science – Chemistry and Physics,
  • Mathematics.
  • English,
  • The Expressive Arts (Art, Drama and Music)
  • Physical Education
  • Business Studies
  • Special needs Department
  • ICT

Sixth Form[edit]

Castle Sixth Form.

The Sixth Form is where students take A level education. Based in Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth students can take a wide range of subjects providing they have the correct GCSEs usually 5 A* to C including English and Mathematics; the majority of Sixth Form students will move onto some form of Further Education (usually university) after leaving the Sixth Form.

In 2013, Ofsted reviewed the Sixth Form and scored it with a 1 for 'outstanding',[1] making it one of the best Sixth forms in the midlands.

An overhead plan of Kenilworth School.

Some students study for BTEC qualifications. Students may also take part in the consortium scheme, so they study other subjects at other local sixth forms.


Kenilworth Grammar School

Mr Robert Mitchell (1963-1974)

Abbey High School

Miss Dorothy Parncutt

Castle High School

Mr. Jeremy 1956 - 1970

Kenilworth School

Mr Wilson (1974- 1990)

Dr Alex Begbie (1990- 2008)

Mr Hayden Abbot (2008–present)

Meadows Sports Centre[edit]

The Meadows Sports Centre is an en-suite sports complex including a hall, fitness centre, men's and women's changing rooms and a new 'astroturf'. The sports complex, as well as being used by the school, is also used in 'out of school' hours allowing members of the public to use it. Various sports are played in the sports complex, including football, athletics, badminton, basketball and hockey.


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