Kenosha Mountains

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Kenosha Mountains
Kenosha Mtns from Platte Pk, Windy to X.jpg
Kenosha Mountains viewed from Platte Peak looking southeast.
Highest point
Peak Knobby Crest(Peak X)[1]
Elevation 12,429 ft (3,788 m)
Coordinates 39°22′5″N 105°36′18″W / 39.36806°N 105.60500°W / 39.36806; -105.60500Coordinates: 39°22′5″N 105°36′18″W / 39.36806°N 105.60500°W / 39.36806; -105.60500
Country United States
State Colorado
Parent range Front Range

The Kenosha Mountains or Kenosha Mountain[2] are a subrange (or long mountain) of the Front Range located in Park and Jefferson counties of Colorado. Lying within the Pike National Forest, the range extends 36 miles[1] from where it meets the Platte River Mountains to the northwest, to Windy Peak to the southeast. This long mountain is bordered by the Platte River Mountains on the north and the Tarryall Mountains on the south.