Kentucky County, Virginia

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Coordinates: 37°37′N 83°27′W / 37.617°N 83.450°W / 37.617; -83.450

Kentucky County (then alternately spelled Kentucke County) was formed by the Commonwealth of Virginia by dividing Fincastle County into three new counties: Kentucky, Washington, and Montgomery, effective December 31, 1776.[1] During the three and one-half years of Kentucky County's existence, its seat of government was Harrodstown (then also known as Oldtown, later renamed Harrodsburg).[2]

Kentucky County was abolished on June 30, 1780, when it was divided into Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties of Virginia.[1] These later petitioned together to separate from Virginia, which was approved by the Virginia House of Delegates; in 1792 the Commonwealth of Kentucky was admitted to the United States as its 15th state.

Militia officers[edit]

After Kentucky County was legislatively created on December 6, 1776 (effective 1777), the county militia was organized as follows:[3]

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