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Speech Synthesis Markup Language

Speech Synthesis Markup Language is an XML-based markup language for speech synthesis applications. It is a recommendation of the W3C's voice browser working group. SSML is embedded in VoiceXML scripts to drive interactive telephony systems. However, it may be used alone, such as for creating audio books. For desktop applications, other markup languages are popular, including Apple's embedded speech commands, Microsoft's SAPI Text to speech markup an XML language, it is used when writing third-party skills for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. SSML is based on the Java Speech Markup Language developed by Sun Microsystems, although the current recommendation was developed by speech synthesis vendors, it covers all aspects of synthesis, although some areas have been left unspecified, so each vendor accepts a different variant of the language. In the absence of markup, the synthesizer is expected to do its own interpretation of the text. So SSML is not a strict standard in the sense of C, or HTML.

Here is an example of an SSML document: SSML specifies a fair amount of markup for prosody, not apparent in the above example. This includes markup for pitch contour pitch range rate duration volume Pronunciation Lexicon Specification Speech Recognition Grammar Specification Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition SABLE speech synthesis markup language, intended to combine SSML, STML, JSML W3C SSML 1.1 Recommendation W3C SSML 1.0 Recommendation Introduction to SSML on


Ottawa–Carleton was a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada, represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1968 to 1988. This riding was created in 1966 from parts of Ottawa East and Russell ridings, it consisted of the eastern parts of the city of Ottawa, the Village of Rockcliffe Park, the Township of Gloucester excluding Long Island, the Township of Cumberland. In 1976, the city of Ottawa parts of the riding were redefined; the electoral district was abolished in 1987 when it was redistributed between Gloucester–Carleton, Ottawa South and Ottawa—Vanier ridings. This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament: List of Canadian federal electoral districts Past Canadian electoral districts Website of the Parliament of Canada

Nguyen Trinh Thi

Nguyen Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based independent filmmaker and video artist. She is known for her layered and poetic approach to contentious histories and current events through experiments with the moving image. Regarded as one of the pioneers of her home country Vietnam's independent cinema, This is seen as the most notable video artist in Vietnam's contemporary art scene, she plays an important role the country's cinema, with works shown in international festivals and exhibitions. Inspired by her heritage, her pieces are powerful and haunting, focus on social and cultural issues — the complex, traumatic history of Vietnam and its after-effects in the present. In her longer documentary films, she employs calm and quiet visuals while eschewing voiceovers in order to let the people of her country speak directly to the camera, her diverse practice has investigated the role of memory in the necessary unveiling of hidden, displaced or misinterpreted histories. Nguyen's works dealt with unspoken histories in Vietnam and called into question national agendas and societal norms.

Her nuanced treatment of provocative and political content encapsulates the complexities of Southeast Asian history and the perplexing role of the artist working within this multi-faceted sociopolitical framework. Her practice has investigated the role of memory in the necessary unveiling of hidden, displaced, or misinterpreted histories making use of original documentary footage or undertaking extensive investigative field work, her materials are diverse – from video and photographs shot by herself, to those appropriated from various sources including press photos, corporate videos, classic films. Her practice traverses boundaries between film and video art and performance. Trinh Thi is interested in the Truth, in taboo subjects, she gives voice to those who have suffered trauma in the past. She is a filmmaker who dares to question the country's history, one that differs from the reconstruction produced by propaganda. Trinh Thi leads searches not only for reality, but is for images. In her quest, she is experimenting with new structures, formal tests on her creative path.

She goes from the live-movie to found-footage thumbnail, from experimental documentary to video installations. At the core of her work, a progressive exploration of her personal vision, Trinh Thi pays attention to gestural details, to the expressive faces of people who expose themselves and emerge from the backdrop of a chaotic world, her gaze is silent, humanist. Nguyen Trinh Thi studied journalism, international relations, ethnographic film in the United States, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian and English from Hanoi Foreign Studies College, Hanoi, in 1994. After studying journalism and photography at the University of Iowa. Thi returned to her home country, after spending many years in the United States, where she studied journalism and filmmaking among other things. Here, documentary films had been the domain of the Vietnam Documentary & Scientific Studio, which produces films by order of the government. A free documentary film scene was non-existent, for numerous reasons: There was no access to work opportunities, production budgets and distribution channels, as well as to training opportunities, contacts to the international scene and knowledge about the development trends of documentary films elsewhere in the world.

This was augmented by the pressure of censorship and the lack of interest of the general public, which equated documentary films with propaganda. So there were many different obstacles preventing a documentary film culture from developing in Vietnam. In 2009, Nguyen founded and directs Hanoi DocLab, an educational center and studio for the production of documentary films and video art in Hanoi. Through a network of Champa scholars, Nguyen spent a number of residency periods in Ninh Thuan between 2013 and 2015. Letters from Panduranga extends her experimentation between documentary and fiction in an essay film portraying a Cham community living in the most southern and last surviving territory of Champa, an ancient kingdom dating back nearly two thousand years and conquered by Dai Viet in 1832; the essay film, made in the form of a letter exchange between two filmmakers, was inspired by the fact that the Vietnamese government is to build Vietnam's first two nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan, right at the spiritual heart of the Cham people, threatening the survival of this ancient matriarchal Hindu culture.

Public discussions regarding the project have been absent in Vietnam due to strict government controls over public speech and media, local communities have been excluded from consultations. The film alludes to the legacy of colonialism. Nguyen Trinh Thi says, "As artis

MT Sidsel Knutsen

MT Sidsel Knutsen is a Norwegian oil tanker built in 1993. The Sidsel Knutsen is 533-foot long and is owned and operated by Knutsen O. A. S. Shipping; the Sidsel Knutsen is designed for the shipping of oil products, including gasoline, plain crude oil, biodiesel. The Sidsel Knutsen has a sistership, the Turid Knutsen, a tanker, was built in 1993; the home port of both ships is Norway. Both ships are capable of hauling 5,000 tons of cargo and are loaded with over 1,000,000 gallons of various liquids; the Sidsel Knutsen makes frequent trips from Norway to the United States to pick up loads of biodiesel and deliver them to European ports. The company that the Sidsel Knutsen gets her biodiesel from Lake Erie Biofuels in Erie, Pennsylvania, it is a major producer of biofuel in the United States. The Sidsel Knutsen is best known for an incident that occurred in the Detroit River in October 2001. A mail boat, J. W. Westcott II, capsized shortly after 0700 on an October morning as she was delivering a pilot to Sidsel Knutsen.

Westcott’s captain, Catherine Nasiatka, 48, deckhand David Lewis, 50, were killed in the accident. Two Canadian pilots who were aboard Westcott swam to safety in the fast-moving river that separates Detroit from Windsor, Ontario; the Sidsel Knutsen was unharmed by the incident because of her large steel hull. On 3 August 2010 the Sidesel Knusten lost engine power after sustaining an engine fire when traveling north along the St. Clair River; the ship hit a buoy and swung around and headed for the seawall, the ship dropped its anchor before making contact and was only 10 feet from the seawall. This occurred near The Voyageur restaurant during operational hours. No injuries were reported; the ship was repaired and was back in service on 8 August 2010. "Tug Accidents Claim Lives.". Workboat. 1 December 2001. Retrieved 14 July 2008. "Ferry company's tug rescues passengers of sunken mail boat.". Crain's Detroit Business. 29 October 2001. Retrieved 14 July 2008. Shine, Dan. "Canadian Agency Says Many Tiny Factors Led to Deadly Detroit-Area Boat Sinking".

Detroit Free Press. Retrieved 14 July 2008. "J. W. Westcott denies blame in deaths"; the Detroit News. 26 November 2001. Retrieved 14 July 2008. Knutsen O. A. S. Shipping. Locate the Sidsel Knutsen

A Million Lights Tour

The A Millions Lights Tour was the debut concert tour by English recording artist Cheryl. It promoted A Million Lights; the tour marks Cole's first solo venture, touring extensively from 2005–2009 with pop group Girls Aloud. The show ran with 11 shows in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With the release of her latest album only one week away, the tour was announced via Cole's website on 12 June 2012; the singer expressed her excitement with touring, stating performing at the Summertime Ball reignited her joy for performing on stage. With the announcement, many media outlets criticized the tour as her performance at the Diamond Jubilee Concert was panned by critics. Concerning her vocals, Cole does perform live, she continued, "If you think my live vocal sounds so good it must be mimed, I'm happy, I take it as a compliment". Rehearsal for the tour began late August 2012 at Studio 1342 in Los Angeles; the sessions were cut short as Cole and manager were involved in car accident during the early morning.

The singer returned to the UK in an arm sling to complete promotional radio spots, with rehearsals continuing in London. During the radio spots, the singer stated the tour would feature and Wretch 32 at one of the concerts. She stated costumes were being designed by Renelou Padora. During the final weeks and crew rehearsed the production at the Olympic Basketball Arena, before heading to Belfast. While in Northern Ireland, dancing Tre Holloway fractured his leg, causing him to be absent from the first three shows of the jaunt; the tour received mixed reviews from fans. Music critics felt the show was underwhelming, they felt with no visible band or backing vocalists, it would be hard for the singer to dismiss miming rumors. Many fans were disappointed at the length of the show and the high ticket prices for a meet and greet with Cheryl. For the debut concert in Belfast, Ashleigh Rainbird from Daily Mirror gave the show four out of five stars, she proclaims the concert was a "first night triumph".

At The O2 in Dublin, Ed Power of The Daily Telegraph gave the Irish gig three out of five stars. He states, "hough her vocals were strong, Cheryl never imprinted her personality on the performance. At times the music felt like a calculating mash-up of chart trends—a little Rihanna here, a hint of Britney and Beyoncé there. How strange that, surrounded by state of the art production and dazzling costumery, one of the most recognisable women in pop should seem so faceless". In London, André Paine writing for London Evening Standard gave the show three out of five stars, calling the show uneven yet enjoyable, he continues, "It was all over in 70 minutes and while Cheryl did just enough to justify her solo career, you suspect she's looking forward to being part of a girl group again". At the same concert, Robert Copsey from Digital Spy gave Cole's performance three out of five stars, saying the singer's performance was surprising flat, he says, "The flashes of brilliance in'Under The Sun','3 Words'—which featured a surprise appearance by friend and mentor—and'Fight for This Love' proved that she is capable of holding her own in front of a larger crowd.

Though with a new book out and a number of well-publicised TV and film spots on the horizon, it proved all-too-easy to remember that she's a celebrity as much as a poster". During the final shows at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, Jessica Philips of Sunderland Echo called the homecoming concert triumphant but short, she stated, "Her fellow Geordies were effervescent in their enthusiasm for their idol, chanting her name with all their might". Shortly after the tour was completed, a DVD release was issued for November 2012. In November, Cole had two specials airing on ITV2; the first was a behind-the-scenes documentary titled, "Cheryl: All Access Areas". The special showed footage from the London concert, along with rehearsals and intimate moments with Cole; the special aired 20 November 2012, to an audience of over 800,000 viewers. The second was an abbreviated concert special, filmed at The O2 Arena in London; the special, "Cheryl: Live in Concert—A Million Lights Tour", aired 25 November 2012.

The DVD titled A Million Lights: Live at The O2, was released on 26 November 2012. This set list is representative of the 3 October 2012 show in Belfast, it does not represent all dates of the tour. Act One "Sexy Den a Mutha" "Call My Name" "Girl in the Mirror" "Promise This"Act Two Girls Aloud Medley: "The Promise" / "Biology" / "Love Machine" "Under The Sun" "The Flood"Act Three "Parachute" "Last One Standing" "3 Words" "A Million Lights"Act Four "DJ Section" "Ghetto Baby" "Screw You"Encore"Fight for This Love" "Call My Name" NotesDuring the concert in London, Cole was joined onstage by During the performance of "3 Words". In the concert, Cole was joined by Wretch 32 for "Screw You". BandBacking vocals: Alexis Strader, Renard Hughes Dancers: Walter Holloway III Tyrell Washington Felix Burgos Marshall Lake Brandee Stephens-Harris Ambrya Underwood Alex Larson Aviel Ayoung Vinceny Clemmons Adrian WiltshireManagementCreative Director: Fatima Robinson Set Design: Bruce Rodgers Musical Director: Keith Harris Choreography: Misha Gabriel, Beth Honan, Charm Ladonna, Adrian Wiltshire Tour Production: Production North Production Manager: Iain Whitehead Stage Manager: Milan Rakic Management for Rocket Pop Management LLp: Seth