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Ket or KET may also refer to:


  • Ket people, a people of Siberia
  • Ket Sivan (born 1981), Cambodian swimmer who specialized in sprint freestyle events


  • Ket River, a river in Siberia
  • Keť, a village in south-west Slovakia



Other uses[edit]

  • KET, or Kentucky Educational Television, a non-commercial public television network
  • Ketamine, a general dissociative anaesthetic
  • Kettering railway station (National Rail station code KET), a station serving the town of Kettering in Northamptonshire, England
  • Kengtung Airport, Burma/Myanmar (IATA airport code KET)
  • Key English Test, an international examination sanctioning a basic level of the English language
  • Key Enabling Technology, the technology that underlies the production of given goods or services
  • Ket vallomas or Two Confessions, a 1957 Hungarian crime film
  • The right part of bra–ket notation,
  • Ket (software), an open source algebra editor

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