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Kevin Meyer
Filmmaker Kevin Meyer.jpg
Alma mater USC School of Cinematic Arts[1]
Occupation Filmmaker[2]
Years active 1982–present
Notable work Perfect Alibi,[3] Director
A Smile Like Yours, Writer

Kevin Meyer is an award-winning filmmaker, director, and writer. He is known for movies such as A Smile Like Yours and Perfect Alibi.[2] Meyer attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts and co-directed a 30-minute film called Divided We Fall with Jeff Burr.[4] The film went on to win fourteen film festival awards and is considered one of the most decorated films in the history of USC Cinema.[1] In addition to the awards for Divided We Fall, Meyer was given a bronze Award from the World Fest Houston in 1990 and a Western Heritage Award in 1994 for Across Five Aprils.[1] He also wrote, produced, and directed a series of short documentaries for the National Museum of the United States Army.[5]



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