Khakrez District

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Khakrez District

Khakrez in spring time
Khakrez in spring time
Khakrez District is located in Afghanistan
Khakrez District
Khakrez District
Location in Afghanistan (Dot on the town of Khakrez)
Coordinates: 31°59′06″N 65°28′22″E / 31.985°N 65.472778°E / 31.985; 65.472778Coordinates: 31°59′06″N 65°28′22″E / 31.985°N 65.472778°E / 31.985; 65.472778
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKandahar Province
Time zone+ 4.30

Khakrez District is a rural agrarian community with a population of more than 20,000 located in north-central Kandahar Province. It is the home to the Shah Agha Shrine, one of the oldest historical Islamic sites in Afghanistan.[1] [2] It borders Ghorak District to the west, Maywand and Panjwai districts to the south, Arghandab and Shah Wali Kot districts to the east and Naish District to the north; the district center is in the village of Darvishan, located in the western part of the district.


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