Khamber Jong

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Kampa Dzong, 1938
Kampa Dzong, 1938

Khamber Jong[citation needed], also called Gamba,[1] Kampa, or Khampa Dzong, is a Tibetan hamlet north of Sikkim.[2] In June 1903, Colonel Francis Younghusband, serving as British commissioner to Tibet, led a diplomatic mission consisting of five officers and five hundred troops through Nathu La to Khamber Jong.[3] The objective of the mission was to meet Chinese and Tibetan representatives and discuss mutual non-aggression and trade agreements. After being kept waiting for five months before the Chinese and Tibetan representatives arrived, the mission was recalled.[4]

The abbot of Shigatse had been sent by the 9th Panchen Lama to meet the British diplomatic mission at Khampa Dzong.[5]

It was reported to be the capital of the district during the British Mount Everest Expedition 1922.[6]

Traditional Tibetan carpet making is thought to have originated in Khampa Dzong.[7][8]


Coordinates: 28°16′49″N 88°31′19″E / 28.2803°N 88.522°E / 28.2803; 88.522