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ⵅⴻⵎⵉⵙⵙⴻⵜ / Xemisset

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Khemisset is located in Morocco
Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 33°49′N 6°04′W / 33.817°N 6.067°W / 33.817; -6.067
Country Morocco
409 m (1,342 ft)
 • Total131,542
 • Rank24th in Morocco
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Khemisset (Arabic: الخميسات‎; Berber languages: Xemisset, ⵅⴻⵎⵉⵙⵙⴻⵜ) is a city in Morocco with a population of 131,542 recorded in the 2014 Moroccan census.[1] It is situated on the A2 motorway between Rabat (81 km) and Meknès (57 km), and is the capital of Khémisset Province.

From 1912 to 1914 the French built a 600 mm narrow gauge railway from Rabat via Souk el Abra des Sehoul, Tiflet, Dar Caid Bou Driss to Khemisset, it was abandoned in 1935 and lifted before 1942. Between Tiflet, and Khemessit the old track bed of narrow gauge line was later built to Rabat Khemisset main road; the 18 of November Stadium has a capacity of 10,000 and hosts the home games of Ittihad Khémisset. A synthetic grass pitch was installed in 2011.

The population of Khemisset (Zemmour) are Berbers of the Middle Atlas, they speak the Central Atlas Tamazight dialect. Having said that, the Moroccan Darija, an Arabic dialect, has also made it to the houses of a large number of the population creating by that a bilingual city. [2]


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Coordinates: 33°49′N 6°04′W / 33.817°N 6.067°W / 33.817; -6.067