Kids Incorporated

Kids Incorporated was an American children's television program. It was a youth-oriented program with musical performances as an integral part of every episode; the pilot episode was shot on September 1, 1983. It aired in syndication from September 1, 1984 to May 25, 1986, on the Disney Channel from November 3, 1986 to February 9, 1994. Reruns aired on the Disney Channel until May 30, 1996; the show revolves around a group of children and teenagers who performed in their own rock group, Kids Incorporated. They struggled to deal with issues ranging from crushes to peer pressure to child abuse, while performing at a local former musical club called The P*lace, called The Palace, but the "a" in the sign burned out and was never replaced; the action took place on abstract "stagey" sets and the plots involved many fantasy elements, such as the group meeting a robot, a runaway princess and a wise-cracking bicycle. In addition to their performances on stage, the group would break into song when they were off-stage.

The cast was children and teenagers. The only recurring adult cohost members were Moosie Drier, Sean O'Riordan, Dena Burton, who played staff of The P*lace. Parents appeared on the show, nor did they figure directly into any of the episodes’ plots; the cast of all nine seasons is listed as follows: The group members ranged in age from eight to seventeen, although Moosie Drier was twenty at the beginning of the series. From Seasons 4 to 5 there were six members; the characters on the show carried the names of the actors who played them. However, in some cases, they were replaced. For example, Marta Marrero's character was named Gloria, Jerry Sharell's was named Mickey, Jennifer Love Hewitt's was named Robin. Rahsaan Patterson was called Kid and his real name was not revealed as Rahsaan until well into the series. Last names were mentioned. Actors left the show when they "aged out" of their roles on it or if they wanted to work on other things; the disappearances of some actors, such as Jerry Sharell, Marta Marrero, Renee Sands, Rahsaan Patterson, Moosie Drier, were written into the script.

However, many of the characters were replaced without comment. During Stacy's tenure on the show, she went from being the youngest to the oldest and holds the record for the longest run at six seasons, including the pilot. Moosie Drier was part of the cast for five seasons. Renee Sands, Rahsaan Patterson, Kenny Ford, Ryan Lambert were on it for four seasons each. For many of the cast members and musicians, the show was the beginning of a successful career in the entertainment industry; the most visible stars are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric Balfour, Renee Sands and Stacy Ferguson, both of whom are founding members of pop trio Wild Orchid. Stacy now performs with the Grammy Award-winning group The Black Eyed Peas, in addition to enjoying a successful solo career, is known by her stage name, Fergie. Other former cast members who have seen success in their careers in music and acting include: Martika, Mario Lopez, Eric Balfour, Jennifer Love Hewitt, credited as "Love Hewitt", Ryan Lambert Haylie Johnson.

Brian Friedman – 1991–1994 Brian Poth – 1987–1988 Shanice Wilson - 1984 Guest stars included both established celebrities and newcomers. Gwen Verdon, Kathy Johnson, Barry Williams, Florence Henderson, Billy Blanks, David Hasselhoff, John Franklin, Ryan Bollman, Christian Hoff, Paul Rodriguez, Brian Robbins, Ruth Buzzi were among those who appeared during the run of the show. Young actors who guest starred on it included Brittany Murphy, Scott Wolf, R. J. Williams, Jason Hervey, Jeff Cohen. Music was an integral part of the show and five songs were included in every episode; the musical variety ranged over a number of different genres released from the 1960s onward. While these numbers were performed onstage in the context of a concert at The P*lace, they were occasionally used to illustrate a character's internal monologue or conflict; the vocal responsibilities were shared by all five singers. Each episode consisted of one original number and five recorded songs by recognized artists. Artists and songs ranged from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The original songs were written by the hired composers of the show. Depending on the year those composers were Michael Cruz, Andrew R. Powell, Craig Sharmat, others. Due to the age of both the performers and the target demographic, lyrics with objectionable content were edited out of the songs and replaced with more appropriate language such as "Jump Around" by House of Pain and "Hip Hop Hooray" by Naughty by Nature; however songs were performed as written objectionable lyrics intact. Examples of uncensored songs that were presented on the series include "Dancing with Myself" by Billy Idol ("The St

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