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The beach at Kijkduin.

Kijkduin is a seaside resort on the North Sea coast of the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. It is one of the two seaside resorts of the city of The Hague, the other (more famous) one being Scheveningen. "Kijkduin" is quite famous for its long stretch in sand dunes along the coast.

Kijkduin was established in 1923 by the developer Joh. D. van der Houwen. Architects Bijvoet and Duiker were the inspiration and architects for this 126 residence village. The sales brochure "Villa-Dorp Kijkduin" provides a detailed description of the new development, its inspiration and contains many re-prints of local newspaper articles describing the uniqueness of the architecture, layout of the development and expected lifestyle of the new residents.

Coordinates: 52°04′N 4°15′E / 52.067°N 4.250°E / 52.067; 4.250