Kimshin Myongsuk

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Kimshin Myongsuk
Hangul 김신명숙
Revised Romanization Kimsin Myŏngsuk
McCune–Reischauer Gimsin Myeongsuk

Kimshin Myongsuk (김신명숙, born March 5, 1961) is a South Korean feminism activist and human rights activist, journalist and reporter for If News, a liberal feminist Korean news journal.[1]

In her early years Kim worked as a Dong-a Ilbo journalist; in the 1990s she supported feminism movements. She worked for KBS, MBC and other TV broadcasts; in the 2000s she joined If News. Kimshin Myongsuk was appointed as an editor and director there; in 1999, she made controversial appearances on KBS.

She is known for obtaining the first doctoral degree in the field of 'A theory of Feminine God' in South Korea.[2]