Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty

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Coordinates: 24°25′56.2″N 118°19′05.8″E / 24.432278°N 118.318278°E / 24.432278; 118.318278

Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty
General information
LocationJincheng, Kinmen, Fujian, Republic of China

The Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty (Chinese: 清金門鎮總兵署; pinyin: Qīng Jīnménzhèn Zǒngbīngshǔ) is a museum in Jincheng Township, Kinmen County, Fujian Province, Republic of China.[1]


The building was originally built as a study place for a scholar during the Ming Dynasty under the name Cong Qing Xuan. It was then transformed into the Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty during the rule of the Kangxi Emperor when Commander of Kinmen relocated his office from Jinmencheng to Jincheng due to a situation change and loss of population in Jinmencheng.

After the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912, the office building had been used for several different purposes, from Kinmen County Government, Defense Headquarter, Fujian Provincial Government and Kinmen Political Committee during the Taiwan Strait Crisis. In 1995, the Kinmen County Police Department and Tentative County Assembly were relocated to other place.[2]


The building is a four-section house with three courtyards in between; the front courtyard spans over a wide area with a Leafy Banyan trees. At the back lies the centuries-old ceiba tree.


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