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Kiss of Death (1947 film)

Kiss of Death is a 1947 film noir directed by Henry Hathaway and written by Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer from a story by Eleazar Lipsky. The story revolves around an ex-con played by Victor Mature and his former partner-in-crime, Tommy Udo; the movie starred Brian Donlevy and introduced Coleen Gray in her first billed role. The film has received critical praise with two Academy Award nominations. Kiss of Death is considered a significant example of film noir, is notable for giving Widmark a breakout role in his screen debut. On Christmas Eve, down-on-his-luck ex-convict Nick Bianco and his three cohorts rob a jewelry store. Before they can exit the building, the injured proprietor sets off his alarm. While attempting to escape, Nick is wounded and arrested. Assistant District Attorney Louis D'Angelo tries to persuade Nick to name his accomplices in exchange for a light sentence. Confident that his partners in crime and his lawyer, Earl Howser, will look after his wife and two young daughters while he is incarcerated, Nick refuses and is given a 20-year sentence.

Three years at Sing Sing Prison, after his wife does not write for 3 months, Nick discovers that she has committed suicide. Nick is visited in prison by a young woman who used to babysit his girls, she tells him that his daughters have been sent to an orphanage and reveals that his wife was raped by Pete Rizzo, one of his accomplices. Nick decides to tell all to D'Angelo but, because so much time has elapsed, D'Angelo cannot use Nick's information about the jewelry store robbery to reduce his sentence. In exchange for being able to see his children, he spills about the job. D'Angelo decides to keep Nick in the city jail and use him as an informant, he keeps Nick clean in the eyes of other shady characters and Howser by making it seem Nick is being charged with a previous, unsolved robbery he pulled off with Rizzo. D'Angelo instructs Nick to imply to the lawyer that Rizzo squealed about this job. Howser arranges for Tommy Udo, a psychopathic killer who did time with Bianco, to take care of Rizzo.

When Udo shows up at Rizzo's tenement, only the criminal's wheelchair-bound mother is present. Udo examines the apartment and determines that Rizzo has left town. Udo binds Mrs. Rizzo to her wheelchair with an electrical cord and pushes her down a flight of stairs, killing her. Soon after, Nick is freed on parole at D'Angelo's behest, visits Nettie, pledging his love to her, but in order to remain out, Nick must continue his work with the D'Angelo. He arranges a "chance" meeting with Udo and pretends to be friendly as an old prison pal from Sing Sing. Udo takes Nick to a couple including one at which narcotics are being smoked. Nick reports back to D'Angelo, satisfied that he has enough to indict Udo and get a conviction. D'Angelo releases Nick from further work. Nick starts a new life in Astoria, with his wife and the children; when Udo's trial begins, D'Angelo summons Nick to let him know. Despite him taking the stand, Udo is acquitted. Certain that Udo will seek revenge, Nick sends the girls to the country.

He goes to deal with Udo and finds him at Luigi's restaurant in East Harlem. Inside, Udo threatens Nettie and the girls, whereupon Nick reminds him that during their night out, Udo gave Nick incriminating information about himself. Udo leaves to wait in his sedan out front, he telephones and summons D'Angelo to come with police to the restaurant in two minutes goes outside. Udo shoots Nick and is surrounded by police and arrested. Though badly wounded, Nick survives. Victor Mature as Nick Bianco Brian Donlevy as Assistant District Attorney Louis D'Angelo Coleen Gray as Nettie Mildred Dunnock as Mrs. Rizzo Richard Widmark as Tommy Udo Taylor Holmes as Earl Howser, Attorney Howard Smith as Warden Karl Malden as Sergeant William Cullen Anthony Ross as Big Eddie Williams Millard Mitchell as Detective Shelby J. Scott Smart as Skeets Kiss of Death is based on a story by former district attorney Lawrence Blaine, it was purchased by 20th Century Fox in November 1946 as a vehicle for Victor Mature. Victor Mature plays the lead role in the film.

Coleen Gray plays Nettie, his second wife, who narrates the beginning and ending of the film. Brian Donlevy plays assistant district attorney. Kiss of Death is notable for being Richard Widmark's film debut as Tommy Udo. According to Widmark, Hathaway disliked his high hairline because he thought it made him look too intellectual, so he ordered Widmark fitted for a hairpiece. Hathaway didn't send the test ahead to Zanuck because he wanted a nightclub piano player called "Harry the Hipster" to play Udo. A Fox production manager named Charlie Hill liked the test and sent it to Zanuck, who signed Widmark. During the film, Udo uses a Benzedrine inhaler, suggested by Zanuck himself. Critics and audiences have noted. Widmark himself was a big fan of Batman comics, modeled Udo after The Joker. Frank Gorshin, who played The Riddler in the 60's television series Batman, modeled his deranged cackle after Udo. Attorney Earl Howser was played by Taylor Holmes. Character actor Karl Malden got the part of Sergeant William Cullen.


Thomas Downey High School

Thomas Downey High School is a High School in Modesto, California. It is one of the seven high schools in Modesto. Thomas Downey High is the second oldest high school in the city of Modesto and its doors opened to students in the Fall of 1951, its mascot is the Knight, but they are sometimes humorously referred to as the "Downey Ducks." The school's current student population is 2,000 in Grades 9 through 12. The movie American Graffiti and directed by Downey graduate George Lucas, is based in Modesto but filmed in Petaluma, California; the school that students in the film attend is called "Dewey High", but is Petaluma High School, the architectural twin to Downey High. "Dewey High" is a reference to Downey. The Block "D" Athletic Jackets and school colors in the movie are Royal Blue and White, identical to Downey's school colors. Downey's yearbook and newspaper have received awards; the Agriculture Department at Thomas Downey was first created to work the school's early orchards. The orchards have been since cut down, with the department serving as the main welding area for the students of TDHS.

Proficient students in welding go on to competitions for the National FFA Organization. If students win competitions, they have a chance to be recognized by superiors in the welding industry. Companies include West-Mark and others. Students raise animals for the Stanislaus County Fair, hoping to gain a profit; the projects range from 3 to 7 months and focus on gardening and home improvement. Students have the opportunity to take a floral design class in which students design and sell arrangements; the school has designated dress-up days during fall and winter homecoming weeks, Unity Week, Red Ribbon week. A large rally is thrown at the beginning of each year for fall homecoming, where dance performances are given and homecoming court nominees play games meant to be somewhat embarrassing, but all in good fun for the spirit of Homecoming Week. In 2006, the Thomas Downey High boys' varsity had a run n' gun type Offense lead by their seniors Zeph Tyson, Andre Poree, Travis Jacobson and Roderick Stevens.

The team finished 1 game out of playoff contention. In 2008 the Thomas Downey High boys' varsity basketball team was crowned 2008 MMC Champions by beating Modesto High and had an inner league record of 13–2. On Saturday, February 23, 2008, the Downey Science Bowl Blue Team won the Central Valley Regional Science Bowl Competition, they defeated the other 23 teams from the area. The Downey High Boys Soccer team has won the MMC in 2008, 2010, 2011, had a section final appearance in 2007; the Downey High Baseball team won the MMC in 2011 for the first time with a league record of 13-2, overall record of 20-7-1. Blake Smith plays in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as an outfielder for the Double A Chattanooga Lookouts. Smith was drafted in the second round by the Dodgers in the 2009 MLB draft out of UC Berkeley. In 2012, The Thomas Downey High Football team won the Modesto Metro Conference for the first time in school history with a record of 6-0-0. Overall, the team finished 10-2-0, with a victory over State Champions Central Catholic 45-42, the school's first playoff victory in 25 years—a 41-6 victory over Jesse Bethel High of Vallejo, CA.

In 2013, The Thomas Downey High Football team tied for the Modesto Metro Conference title along with Modesto. Overall, the Team finished 7-4-0. Downey's Second consecutive MMC Titile was led by 15 All league Players, Offense: QB PJ Wilson, RB Mario Sanchez, WIde receivers Tristan Best, Josh Lowe, Mike Falepouno, Offensive linemen Kyler Bourque, Michael Dean Barron, OL Josh Roy. Defense: DB Jaedon Webb, ILB Josh Baldonado, OLB Sanjay Parmer, OLB Jozeph Camp, DL Ty Nelson, Danny Cota, Punter Thomas Reynolds. In 2014, The Thomas Downey High Football team won the Modesto Metro Conference for the third straight year. Overall, the team finished 10-2-0, with a first-round playoff victory over Antelope High School, 20-19. In addition, Downey High Cornerback, Jakob Magana was named Sac Joaquin Section defensive player of the year by MaxPreps, he finished with 14 interceptions for the season which placed him second in the nation in this category. And, Downey High Quarterback, P. J. Wilson, was named Sac Joaquin Section 1st Team Quarterback and finished the season with over 2,900 yards passing and nearly 600 yards rushing.

The Downey High JV and Downey High Freshmen teams both completed undefeated seasons at 10-0-0. As a whole, the Downey football program finished a combined 30-2-0. Downey is notable for its strong tradition in choral singing. Downey has five choirs: Concert Choir, Knightengales and Gloriana; the choirs perform three concerts each year: Knight Magic in fall, the holiday concert in the winter, the spring concert in spring. They perform at various locations throughout the year and throughout the holiday season; the choirs go on an annual choir tour to Southern California in the spring. For many years, Downey High had one of the most outstanding band programs in the far western United States. Things got started under the direction of the band director and composer, Roger Nixon, who moved on to Modesto Junior College and San Francisco State University, he wrote the music for the bicentennial of Modesto in 1970, performed by the MJC Concert Band under Dr. Jensen. Ken Farrell built on that foundation a excellent band program.

By 1974 the Downey band had achieved twenty straight command performances at


The Takumi-kun series is a yaoi novel series written by Shinobu Gotoh. First published in 1992, the series received several manga and stage play adaptations. Takumi Hayama is a high school student at Shidō Academy, a private elite boarding school in the mountains. Unlike the other students, Takumi is not from a prestigious background and attends the school to escape from a past psychological trauma that leaves him repulsed by people touching him, as a result, he is perceived as emotionless and unsociable by his classmates; the only person who doesn't see him as such, besides his roommate, is Giichi "Gui" Saki, is a popular, attractive boy who has returned from the United States. As Takumi and Gui begin their second year at the school, one day, Gui surprises Takumi by confessing that he has been in love with him for some time; as Takumi learns more about Gui, he must learn to overcome his past and rivals who threaten to break up their newfound relationship. Takumi Hayama Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto, Katsumi Toriumi, Makoto Aoki, Soichiro Hoshi, Showtaro Morikubo, Shinnosuke Tachibana Takumi is a second-year student.

He is seen by his classmates as unsociable due to his indifferent nature. However, Takumi fears getting close to other people after his family blamed him for making advances on his older brother, when in reality, his brother had been grooming and sexually abusing him since elementary school. After meeting Gui, Takumi open towards other people. Giichi Saki Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue, Ryotaro Okiayu, Toshihiko Seki, Toshiyuki Morikawa Nicknamed Gui, he is Takumi's classmate. Gui spent his childhood growing up in the United States. Gui is one of the most popular boys in school due to unique beauty. Shōzō Akaike Akaike is Gui's part of the student discipline committee; the student body is intimidated by him, he antagonizes Takumi at first due to Takumi not taking Gui's feelings seriously. Since his mother died when he was young, he grew up doing household chores for his father, he is the only character in the series who identifies as straight and his childhood friend Mamiko is in love with him. Arata Misu Misu is a popular student, but is overwhelmed by his popularity that it causes him to be stressed, which he takes out on Shingyōji.

The two date. Kanemitsu Shingyōji Shingyōji is a calm boy from the kendo club. Toshihisa Katakura Toshihisa was Takumi's roommate during their first year. Masashi Iwashita Iwashita is Toshihisa's new roommate beginning their second year, they begin dating. Izumi Takabayashi Izumi is Shidō Academy's "princess", known for his androgynous good looks and spoiled behavior, he targets Takumi after discovering Gui's feelings for him. He comes to accept Yoshizawa's feelings for him instead. Michio Yoshizawa Yoshizawa is Izumi's good-natured roommate, in love with him. Masaki Yagura Yagura is a student. Hiromi Yatsu Yatsu is slow to trust others after being betrayed, he begins dating Yagura. Masataka Nozawa Nozawa is a gentle boy, unable to refuse requests. Eiji Komazawa Komazawa falls in love with Nozawa during their first year. Shinobu Gotoh published the Takumi-kun series from 1992 to 2016, which were published by Kadokawa Shoten under the Kadokawa Ruby Bunko imprint; the novels were all illustrated by Kazumi Ohya.

In 2016, Kadokawa published omnibus editions of all the novels, which included new unpublished stories. The 11th volume of the omnibus edition came with a drama CD. Several manga adaptations have been serialized in the magazine Ciel; the first manga series, which adapted the novel Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite, was illustrated by Billy Takahashi and published in August 1998. The manga adaptations were subsequently illustrated by Kazumi Ohya, the original illustrator for the novels, which were published under the Asuka Comics CL-DX imprint; the first three volumes of Ohya's manga adaptation were licensed for English distribution by Tokyopop under their Blu imprint. In 2007, Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite was adapted into a live-action film, starring Tomo Yanagishita as Takumi and Keisuke Katō as Gui. Following the film's release, four more sequels were produced, with Kyousuke Hamao as Takumi and Daisuke Watanabe as Gui. After the release of the fifth film, Hareta Aozora and Watanabe announced they were leaving the project and would not be reprising their roles for any future sequels.

Takumi-kun Series: Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite Takumi-kun Series: Niji-iro no Glass Takumi-kun Series: Bibō no Detail Takumi-kun Series: Pure Takumi-kun Series: Ano, Hareta Aozora A stage play adaptation of Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite ran in December 2009. The DVD was released on April 16, 2010; the novel series was successful during its run, becoming one of the most popular yaoi novels. In 2007, the novel series had sold a cumulative total of 4 million copies. By 2016, the novels had sold a cumulative total of 5 million copies. Official website

Bhaskar Nath

Bhaskar Nath is an Indian classical instrumentalist. He plays the Shehnai belonging to Meerut Shehnai Gharana, he is a child prodigy. Nath was born in New Delhi in a family of musicians hailing from Meerut to classical singer Pandit Vishwanath and K Rajlaxmi, his uncle is Pandit Jagannath a Shehnai player. He started learning Shehanai and Harmonium at a young age under the guidance of his grandfather Om Prakash, he is schooling at Delhi Public School. He is training under vocalist Pandit Jasraj. Nath gave his first solo performance at the age of 10, his renders in Ragas in Gayaki ang, Banarasi dhun, Chaiti and Tappa. He performed at major festivals, such as the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival in 2010, Pandit Motiram Pandit Maniram Sangeet Samaroh in 2011, he is pursuing his graduation With ECONOMICS from hindu college, university of delhi. 1st Prize in All India Music Competition 1st Prize in All India Delhi Public School Competition Bhaskar Nath Interview by THE HINDU NEWSPAPER

Epsilon no Fune

Epsilon no Fune is the 4th album of J-pop singer Kotoko under Geneon Entertainment. It was released on October 14, 2009; this album debuted in the sixth place of the Oricon daily charts, making this album one of the most successful in KOTOKO's musical career. This album covers her "Hayate no Gotoku!", "Shichiten Hakki Shijou Shugi!", "Real Onigokko", "Blaze" singles. There are 9 new songs including a cover song performed with I've Kazuya Takase; the album comes in a regular CD-only edition. The DVD will contain the making for ε: Epsilon, and the album contained a special CD which contains a 2009 remix and the original version of her song Hitorigoto. All lyrics are written by Kotoko, except "Little Baby Nothing" by James Dean Bradfield, Richard Edwards, Nicholas Allen Jones and Sean Moore

The Passionate Heart

The Passionate Heart is a 1952 novel by Béatrix Beck, which won the Prix Goncourt. It was published in the UK in the US as The Passionate Heart. A movie version was made in 1961 called Léon Morin, Priest and scripted by Jean-Pierre Melville, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Emmanuelle Riva. Belmondo was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actor. Another version entitled La Confession was released in 2016, directed by Nikolas Boukhrief. In a small French town during the Occupation, Barny is a young, sexually frustrated widow, living with her little girl, she is a communist militant who long ago decided that the easiest way was the best. One day she randomly chooses a priest and starts criticizing the religion, but the priest is Leon Morin, young, handsome and altruistic. He believes that any sin can be expunged by a good dose of faith, does not offer her the reaction she was expecting, she is disturbed. She starts frequenting Morin, impressed by his moral strength, while he makes it his mission to steer her onto the right path