Kit and Ace

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Kit and Ace
Industry Retail
Founded 2014
Founder Shannon Wilson
J. J. Wilson
Headquarters Canada
Kit and Ace, Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London

Kit and Ace is a Canadian apparel brand founded in 2014 by Shannon Wilson, former lead designer of Lululemon Athletica, and her stepson J. J. Wilson.[citation needed] The company is best known for producing machine-washable technical cashmere wool clothing and accessories.[1] Hold It All Inc., a Vancouver-based holding company, owns the brand.[2]

The brand has retail stores in Canada, and formerly had retail stores in the US, the UK, and Australia.[3] In September 2015, the company installed shop-in-shop cafes from Toronto-based Sorry Coffee Co in its London and Toronto stores.[4][5] In April 2017 Kit and Ace closed all its international stores, focusing on e-commerce and its 9 Canadian shops.[6]

Kit and Ace has never accepted cash as payment, allowing stores to be more efficient.[7]


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