Kita-Noshiro Station

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Kita-Noshiro Station

Kita-Noshiro Station 20170708.jpg
Kita-Noshiro Station
LocationTako-aze Maeda 20, Noshiro, Akita
Operated byJR East
Line(s)Gonō Line
Previous namesUgo-Shinonome (until 1943)

Kita-Noshiro Station (北能代駅, Kita-Noshiro-eki) is a railway station on the JR East located in the city of Noshiro, Akita Prefecture, Japan.


Kita-Noshiro Station is served by the Gonō Line and is located 9.3 rail kilometers from the southern terminus of the Gonō Line at Higashi-Noshiro Station.

Station layout[edit]

Kita-Noshiro Station has a single side platform, serving bidirectional traffic; the unattended station is managed from Noshiro Station.


1  Gonō Line for Iwadate and Fukaura
for Higashi-Noshiro

Adjacent stations[edit]

Gonō Line
Mukai-Noshiro - Torigata


Kita-Noshiro Station was opened on April 26, 1926 as Ugo-Shinonome Station (羽後東雲駅) on the Japanese Government Railways (JGR), serving the village of Shinonome, Akita. It was renamed to its present name on June 15, 1943; the JGR became the JNR (Japan National Railways) after World War II. With the privatization of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station has been managed by JR East. A new station building was completed in 2009, replacing the modified boxcar which had previously been in use.

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Coordinates: 40°15′15″N 140°2′0.9″E / 40.25417°N 140.033583°E / 40.25417; 140.033583