Moscow Kiyevskaya railway station

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Moscow Kiyevskaya
Moscow Railway terminal
2015 night in Moscow - Kievsky Rail Terminal 01.jpg
View of the main facade from the Europe Square
Location Kiyevskogo Vokzala square, Moscow
Coordinates 55°44′35″N 37°34′02″E / 55.743056°N 37.567222°E / 55.743056; 37.567222
Line(s) Kiev Line
Platforms 11
Tracks 12

Bus: 91, 119, 157, 205, 320, 394, 454, 474, 477, 523, 791, 840, 902, T39;

Trolleybus: 7, 17, 34;
Other information
Station code 198103
Fare zone 0
Opened 1918
Preceding station   Moscow Railway   Following station
Terminus Kiev Line
Moscow Kiyevskaya is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow Kiyevskaya
Moscow Kiyevskaya
Location within Moscow Ring Road

Kiyevsky railway terminal (Russian: Ки́евский вокза́л, Kievskiy vokzal) also known as Moscow Kiyevskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Ки́евская, Moskva-Kievskaya) is one of the nine railway terminals of Moscow, Russia. It is the only railway station in Moscow to have a frontage on the Moskva River. The station is located at the Square of Europe, in the beginning of Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Street in Dorogomilovo District of Moscow.

As the name suggests there are regular services to Kiev as well as Belgrade, Zagreb, Varna, Bucharest, Sofia, Niš, Budapest, Prague, Vienna and Venice. A hub of the Moscow Metro is located nearby.

History and design[edit]

The station was built between 1914 and 1918 in the Byzantine Revival style pronounced in the 51 m (167 ft) high clocktower. Originally named the Bryansk station, it was designed by Ivan Rerberg and Vladimir Shukhov, it is considered an important landmark of architecture and engineering of the time.

The station's building is flanked by a gigantic landing platform which is distinguished by its simplicity and constructive boldness. The platforms are covered by a massive glassed arch structures (length 321 metres (1,053 ft), width 47.9 metres (157 ft), height 30 m (98 ft), weight of the structures is over 1250 ton) in the form of a parabola. Open-work steel trusses are clearly visible, and they demonstrate the elegance of the grandiose building.

Trains and destinations[edit]

Long distance[edit]

Train number Train name Destination Operated by
001/002 Stolichny Express (rus: Столичный Экспресс, ukr: Столичний Експрес) Ukraine Kiev (Passenger) Russia Russian Railways
Ukraine Ukrainian Railways
003/004 Kyiv (ukr: Київ) Ukraine Kiev (Passenger) (cars: Romania Bucharest, Bulgaria Sofia) Ukraine Ukrainian Railways
005/006 Ukrayina (ukr: Україна) Ukraine Kiev (Passenger) Ukraine Ukrainian Railways
015/016 Tisa (rus: Тиса) Ukraine Uzhhorod (Central) (cars: Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia Košice,
Slovakia Žilina, Slovakia Zvolen, Hungary Budapest, Serbia Belgrade,
Croatia Zagreb, Montenegro Bar, Greece Thessaloniki, Italy Venice)
Russia Russian Railways
023/024 Odesa (ukr: Одеса) Ukraine Odessa (cars: Ukraine Truskavets) Ukraine Ukrainian Railways
047/048 Moldova (mol: Moldova) Moldova Chişinău Moldova Calea Ferată din Moldova
059/060 Bolgaria-Express (rus: Болгария-Экспресс) Bulgaria Sofia (cars: Bulgaria Burgas, Bulgaria Varna) Russia Russian Railways
065/066 Sodruzhestvo (rus: Содружество) Moldova Chişinău Russia Russian Railways
077/078 Volyn (ukr: Волинь) Ukraine Kovel Ukraine Ukrainian Railways
099/100 Ivan Paristy (rus: Иван Паристый) Russia Bryansk Russia Russian Railways
117/118 Sumy (ukr: Суми) Ukraine Sumy Ukraine Ukrainian Railways

Other destinations[edit]

Country Destinations
Russia Russia Anapa, Kaluga, Klimov, Lgov, Novozybkov
Ukraine Ukraine Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi, Kremenchuk, Lviv, Truskavets, Zhmerynka, Mykolaiv

Suburban destinations[edit]

Suburban commuter trains (elektrichka) connect Kiyevsky station with stations and platforms of the Kiyevsky suburban direction of Moscow Railway, in particular, with the towns of Aprelevka, Naro-Fominsk (Nara), Balabanovo, Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, and Kaluga.

Airport connections[edit]

Kiyevsky station is connected to Vnukovo International Airport by Aeroexpress trains,[1] which are not operated by Russian Railways though they use the same tracks.




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