Klagenfurt Cathedral

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Klagenfurt Cathedral
Klagenfurt Domplatz Kirche 22022007 01.jpg
The cathedral with the Domplatz in the foreground
AffiliationCatholic Church
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusCathedral
LocationKlagenfurt, Austria
Geographic coordinates46°37′26″N 14°18′44″E / 46.623991°N 14.312207°E / 46.623991; 14.312207Coordinates: 46°37′26″N 14°18′44″E / 46.623991°N 14.312207°E / 46.623991; 14.312207

Klagenfurt Cathedral (German: Klagenfurter Dom; Dom- und Stadtpfarrkirche Hll. Petrus und Paulus) is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt and also the main parish church of Klagenfurt. It was built by Protestants and dedicated to the Holy Trinity in 1581, and was the largest Protestant church in Austria at that time, it was commissioned by Christoph Windisch, Klagenfurt' s first mayor.[1] In 1600, during the Counter-Reformation, it was given to the Jesuits and rededicated to Saints Peter and Paul; the church was razed to the ground by a fire and had to be rebuilt in 1724. Bishop Franz Xaver von Salm-Reifferscheidt made it the cathedral of the Diocese of Gurk in 1787.


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