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Jazz ...It's Magic!

Jazz... It's Magic! is an album by American jazz trombonist Curtis Fuller recorded in 1957 and released on the Regent label a subsidiary of Savoy Records. The Allmusic review by Jim Todd awarded the album 3 stars and stated "On Fuller's Jazz... It's Magic, the hard bop prototype is still under refinement, but it's easy to enjoy the music in its essential elements: elegant, bluesy melodies. All compositions by Curtis Fuller except as indicated"Two Ton" - 4:48 "Medley: It's Magic/My One and Only Love/They Didn't Believe Me" - 13:41 "Soul Station" - 5:42 "Club Car" - 7:15 "Upper Berth" - 8:32 Curtis Fuller - trombone Sonny Red - alto saxophone Tommy Flanagan - piano George Tucker - bass Louis Hayes - drums

Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots, known as thigh-length boots or thigh boots, are boots that extend above the knees to at least mid-thigh. Other terms for this footwear include over-the-knee boots and when cuffed, pirate boots. Lengths vary from reaching just over the knee to reaching to the crotch. Thigh boots are made of materials ranging from various leathers to various synthetic materials to various fabrics. Many are constructed with zippers. Heel heights vary. Heel styles vary from metal spikes to chunky. Like other boots, they can have platform soles. Thigh boots are considered by many to be kinky, they are used as fetish clothing in boot shoe fetishism. Cheaper thigh boots are worn by prostitutes and professional dominatrices, so many people consider them icons of such trades; because of the latter, they are associated with sadomasochism. They are sold by couture designers because of the implied eroticism. Thigh-high boots are more flattering on women with longer legs: "The shorter you are, the less leg there is above the top of the boot, when wearing footwear that ends above the knee.

A high heel helps to give the illusion of height, but when there is much more boot visible than leg. Laced leather boots were fashionable throughout the Victorian era for women. By the end of the 19th century, over-the-knee length laced leather boots were becoming a trend among London prostitutes wanting a style that would appeal to foot fetishists and clients interested in finding a dominatrix. Kinky boots referred to as fetish boots, are boots made with patent leather and high stiletto heels, their extreme characteristics intended to present a dramatic sexy appearance, such as by a prostitute or dominatrix. Characteristics include high heels, thigh- or crotch-high length, or unusual colors or materials. Boots of this type, the thigh-high leather boots worn by Honor Blackman in her role as Cathy Gale in The Avengers, are referred to in the 1964 song "Kinky Boots" by Blackman and her Avengers co-star Patrick Macnee. In the world of women's fashion, thigh boots run through cycles in both design.

As referenced by several authors, the popularity of the motion picture Pretty Woman hurt the credibility of thigh boots as wardrobe staples. In any fall fashion season, at least one or more designers and retailers will take a chance on their appeal. Like shoes in general, fashion thigh boots are marketed through several different channels. A key differentiator among these channels is the price point and construction: Couture fashion designers Fashion designers Couture shoe designers Boutique brands Fashion and shoe retailersCouture fashion designers marketing thigh boots will vary from year to year. Introducing a boot model is tied to the designer's theme for the line; these boots will be marketed at the highest price point for thigh boots and for shoes in general. Fashion designers market though at a lower price point. A number of couture shoe design houses include thigh boots in their collections, the price point will be at a premium, just as with the couture fashion designers. Examples of these designers are: Brian Atwood Manolo Blahnik Jimmy Choo Christian Louboutin Sergio Rossi Stuart Weitzman Giuseppe Zanotti Couture fashion designers use the shoe design houses to design the boots and shoes for their collections.

Thigh boots are a regular staple of several Italian boutique brands, including: Gianmarco Lorenzi Left and Right Le Silla Loriblu IcôneThe price point for these boots can be high at retail boutiques, but will vary more than for couture designers. Some brands are available through eBay sellers and clearance sellers at discounted prices; the lowest price tier is the fashion retailers. Retailers who market thigh boots in their line include: Aldo bebe Victoria's Secret In Autumn 2010, thigh-high boots repeated as a fashion highlight from Autumn 2009. Designers and fashion houses who showed them with their designs included: Burberry Prorsum Christian Dior Hermès Vionnet The Autumn 2009 fashion season featured thigh-high boots as a key fashion accessory for the season, resulting in the style being declared a fashion trend in early 2009. Reaching a wider audience through fashion magazine editorials, the footwear style was shown in two different feature layouts in the September 2009 issue of US Vogue.

Numerous high street fashion stores featured thigh-high boots in their Autumn 2009 collections, with many fashion designers featuring them in their ready-to-wear collections. Miuccia Prada pushed the margins of fashion with her thigh boots designed after hip boots for fishing. One version featured garters to suspend the tops from a belt. Right behind her was Stella McCartney, featuring three crotch-length boots with synthetic uppers, in following with her usual animal-friendly practice. All three had snipped toes and extreme stiletto heels, one featured a multi-patterned, pierced upper. Other design houses showing thigh boots in their Autumn 2009 lines included: Alexander McQueen Catherine Malandrino Celine Chloé Gucci Halston Louis VuittonAs for the couture shoe designers, Christian Louboutin marketed no less than four different styles in Autumn 2009 – a front-l

Cristalino River (Teles Pires)

The Cristalino River is a river of the states of Pará and Mato Grosso in western Brazil. It is a tributary of the Teles Pires; the river rises in the 342,192 hectares Nascentes da Serra do Cachimbo Biological Reserve, a protected conservation unit established in 2005 in the state of Pará. It is an indirect tributary of the Tapajós. After crossing the border into Mato Grosso the river flows through the 184,900 hectares Cristalino State Park, established in 2001, before entering the Teles Pires; the river is navigable throughout the state park, despite the large number of submerged rocks and small rapids along its course. List of rivers of Mato Grosso List of rivers of Pará

Different Stars

Different Stars is the second album by the American rock band Trespassers William. It was self-released in 2002, released in the UK on Bella Union on 28 September 2002, re-released with minor track changes on Nettwerk Records on 19 October 2004. All songs written except as noted. "Intro" – 1:17 "Lie In the Sound" – 5:42 "Different Stars" – 4:43 "Alone" – 5:01 "Let You Down" – 4:58 "Vapour Trail" – 4:54 "Fragment" – 6:24 "Just Like This" – 7:44 "Love You More" – 5:58 untitled – 12:52 "Intro" – 1:17 "Lie In the Sound" – 5:42 "Different Stars" – 4:43 "Alone" – 5:00 "Anchor" – 5:57 "Vapour Trail" – 4:55 "Fragment" – 6:24 "Love You More" – 5:58 untitled – 5:16 "What Could I Say" – 5:02 "In a Song" – 6:30 "Different Stars" – 4:55 Kevin Bartley · mastering Elijah Thomson · mixing Trespassers William · producer Justin Schier · keyboards Trinidad Sanchez III · bass guitar Anna-Lynne Williams · vocals, acoustic guitar Matt Brown · acoustic and electric guitar, engineer, keyboards

Cabeceiras de Basto

Cabeceiras de Basto is a municipality in the district of Braga in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 16,710, in an area of 241.82 km². The municipality borders the municipality of Montalegre to the north, Boticas to the northeast, Ribeira de Pena to the east, Mondim de Basto to the southeast, Celorico de Basto to the south, Fafe to the west and Vieira do Minho to the northwest; the present mayor is Francisco Alves, elected by the Socialist Party. The municipal holiday is September 29. Administratively, the municipality is divided into 12 civil parishes: Abadim Alvite e Passos Arco de Baúlhe e Vila Nune Basto Bucos Cabeceiras de Basto Cavez Faia Gondiães e Vilar de Cunhas Pedraça Refojos de Basto, Outeiro e Painzela Rio Douro