Koblenzer Brauerei

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Koblenzer Brauerei
Koblenzer Brauerei.png
LocationKoblenz, Germany
Coordinates50°19′18.2″N 7°35′9″E / 50.321722°N 7.58583°E / 50.321722; 7.58583Coordinates: 50°19′18.2″N 7°35′9″E / 50.321722°N 7.58583°E / 50.321722; 7.58583
Opened1689 (reincorporated in 2012)
Employees62 (2013)
Königsbacher's Old Brewery (Altes Brauhaus) in the historic center of Koblenz, Germany.

Koblenzer Brauerei (formerly Königsbacher Brauerei GmbH & Co KG) is a brewery in Koblenz, in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany. Since its foundation in 1689, it has a tradition of brewing beer in the Old Brewery (Altes Brauhaus) in the historic center of Koblenz. In 1992, the Königsbacher Brewery was taken over by the Karlsberg Group; the Königsbacher Brewery's brands, but not the brewery building, were sold to the Bitburger brewery in early 2010. The brewery was sold and re-incorporated in 2012.


Königsbacher's new brewery in the Stolzenfels suburb of Koblenz.[1]

The former name comes from a small river near Koblenz named Königsbach (King's Brook), whose clear water was suitable for brewing beer: "Königsbacher" is German for "from the Königsbach" (from the King's Brook).

Products include:

  • Königsbacher Pilsener (a pilsener beer)
  • Königsbacher Export
  • Königsbacher 1689
  • Nette Edel Pils (after the Rhine's Nette River)
  • Zischke Kellerbier
  • Königsbacher Radler
  • Königsbacher Mai-Bock
  • Königsbacher Fest-Bock


  • The Königsbacher Brewery is a big sponsor for some sportsclubs of Koblenz, such as the TuS Koblenz football club (soccer).

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