Kocbek Lodge at Korošica

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Kocbek Lodge at Korošica
(Kocbekov dom na Korošici)
Koca na Korosici.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,803 m (5,915 ft)
Coordinates 46°21′18.72″N 14°38′20.040″E / 46.3552000°N 14.63890000°E / 46.3552000; 14.63890000Coordinates: 46°21′18.72″N 14°38′20.040″E / 46.3552000°N 14.63890000°E / 46.3552000; 14.63890000
Kocbek Lodge at Korošica is located in Slovenia
Kocbek Lodge at Korošica
Kocbek Lodge at Korošica
Parent range Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The Kocbek Lodge at Korošica (Slovene: Kocbekov dom na Korošici; 1,803 meters or 5,915 feet) is a mountain lodge standing on the Korošica Pasture on the Dleskovec Plateau, below the southern slope of Mount Ojstrica. It is named after Fran Kocbek, an early promoter of mountain hiking in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. The first lodge, which was built in 1876, burnt in 1881. A year later a new one was built. During World War II, it was captured by the Germans. It was expanded and modified from 1969 to 1973. The lodge was destroyed by a fire on October 20, 2017.

Starting points[edit]

  • 4½h: from the Kamnik Bistrica Lodge (601 m), via Presedljaj Pass
  • 2h: from Luče via the Podvežak Pasture (1440 m)
  • 2½h: from Luče, via the Ravne Pasture (1500 m)
  • 4h: from Rogovilec Inn via the Roban Combe

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