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Kodimoottil Sri Bhadrakaali Temple is the most famous temple in Parippally, Kollam. The "Prathista" (idol) in this temple is Bhadrakali devi. Shiva, Ganapathi, Nacagrihangal are also there as Upaprathista.

There are a number of utsavams in this temple. The mahotsavam is held every year during the month of March for ten days, starting with the pongala. Ladies from all parts of Kollam and Trivandrum districts participate in it.[1][2] Gajamela, an elephant procession, is the main attraction of the Mahotsavam, which occurs on the ninth day.[3]

The temple is managed by Ezhava (Chekaver) community, but people from all castes participate in the festival. Navarathri is also celebrated here as a festival.

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