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Kohinoor (2015 film)

Kohinoor is a 2015 Malayalam comedy heist-thriller film, set in the late 1980s. The film is directed by Vinay Govind and features Asif Ali and Indrajith Sukumaran in the lead role along with an ensemble cast of Aju Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinay Forrt,Aparna Vinod and Shraddha Srinath, it was produced by Asif Ali in his debut film production, co-produced by Sajin Jaffer and Brijeesh Muhammed under the banner Adam's World of Imagination. Rahul Raj composed the original music; the film released on 24 September 2015 to mixed reviews. It released online through Reelmonk for audiences abroad a few weeks later; the story is set in 1988. Haider who worked for Mumbai underworld develops a plan to steal diamonds from a racket based in Kohinoor textile store in Cherupuzha run by Mamman and Xavier, he hires Freddy from Kochi for the theft. They in turn make sub-contract to a small-time thief Aandikunju, who gets his friend Louis involved for steal from group. Louis as a 1980s characterized youth has admiration for the underworld dons and is fascinated by Mammootty's character Tharadas from the popular film Athirathram and Mohanlal's character Sagar Alias Jacky from the popular film Irupatham Noottandu, wants to be a successful smuggler like them.

The team runs into many obstacles during the thievery. In the end both Haider's team and Louis team takes a share of the diamonds, with risking life and show of confidence. Asif Ali as Louis Aju Varghese as Andrew/Aandikkunju/Aandi Indrajith Sukumaran as Haider Chemban Vinod Jose as Nicholas Vinay Forrt as Freddy Aditi Ravi as Freddy's Lover Aparna Vinod as Daisy Shraddha Srinath as Nancy Sudheer Karamana as Maman Riza Bava as Xavier Mamukkoya as Aaliyakka Guru Somasundaram as Naikkar Pradeep Kottayam as Lilly's father Bhavana as Lilly Saiju Kurup as DYSP Mohan Raghavan Harikrishnan as Charlie Nebish benson Malayala Manorama rated 2.75 out of 5 stars and concluded "Kohinoor is a fun-filled thriller and has all the elements of an entertainer, with a pinch of romance and wicked twists" and gave special mention to cinematography and lead performances for Indrajith's screen presence and dialogue delivery. rated 2.5 out of 5 stars and described as "A well-packed entertainer with the right elements of humour and nostalgia", giving special mention to Indrajith's performance cinematography, editing and costumes which helps to create the ambience of the 80s.

Indiaglitz rated 3 out of 5 stars and wrote "It has a liner narration and what would stead the movie in good stead is the comic touch throughout.'Kohinoor' has been able to make it till the far end and not flatter halfway". The Hindu stated "The proceedings before interval, which focusses on the planning of the heist, are marked by aimlessness. Things pick up post-interval in the long sequence set inside the textile shop; the quick twists and turns come together in the end to make an average heist movie in the end". All songs are composed and produced by Rahul Raj; the lyrics were written by B. K. Harinarayanan. Muzik 247 was the music label; the audio launch event was held in Kochi on 8 September. Apart from the cast and crew, film personalities such as Mammootty, Sibi Malayil, Kunchacko Boban etc. were present. Mammooty and Sibi Malayil together launched the audio by unveiling the CD; the songs were streamed live on Muzik247's YouTube channel at the event. The official launch of the production house Adams World of Imagination was held coinciding with the audio launch function.

It was launched by Mammootty. The melody Hemanthamen, released on 5 August, received overwhelming response from critics and public alike, it garnered more than 100000 views within three days of release in YouTube and as of December 6, 2016, the song has reached to 3 million views. Actor Dulquer Salmaan released and shared the YouTube link of the song "Dum Dum Dum" on Facebook. Kohinoor on IMDb

Traveler (Hitomi album)

Traveler is the seventh studio album of Japanese singer Hitomi. The album was formally released on May 2004 by the Avex Trax label; this is the first album of Hitomi to be released in the CD+DVD format, which Avex first introduced to their artists in 2003. All lyrics on the album were written by Hitomi, it features production of Zentaro Watanabe, Takamune Negishi and CMJK. In the album Hitomi tries many different music genres, from bossa nova to electronica; the album had two promotional singles. "Hikari", used as theme song of the TBS TV show Koisuru Honey Coming and from the double A-side single "Kokoro no Tabibito/Speed Star", the first one was used as theme song of the Fuji TV drama Rikon Bengoshi, the last in TV commercials of Toshiba cellphones A5504T. Oricon sales charts

OFI Sunday

OFI Sunday was a British entertainment show hosted by Chris Evans. It aired on Sundays on ITV at 10:30 pm; the title stood for "Oh Flip It's Sunday", similar to the previous show TFI Friday. Critical reaction was poor. Many considered it self-indulgent and esoteric with Evans creating features that were designed more for the amusement of the host and guest and/or studio audience than the viewers, notably when James Nesbitt guested, Evans brought on a pub band that the pair had seen playing on a night out. While the pair revelled in the situation, the audience was not privy to the joke. Criticism was levelled at the way Evans played on events from his personal life. Most of the guests were friends of Evans, with the first being his ex-wife Billie Piper which further supported claims over Evans's self-indulgence. Critics slated Evans for asking live on the second show for celebrity guests to call into the show while holding up a sign saying "Please", admitting they don't have anybody booked, seen as an act of "desperation".

The series was cancelled after just five episodes, with another series planned depending on its reception. At first the debut show began with 5 million viewers at 10:30 pm, but by the end of the 45-minute show, the audience had halved to 2.5 million, fewer than the 3.3 million watching Notting Hill on Channel 4 between 11 pm and 11:15 pm. Due to the heavy drop in ratings during the progress of each show and falling ratings week-by-week, OFI Sunday was axed by ITV resulting in a second series never being made, it never ranked in the ITV top 30 weekly BARB ratings and was another flop for UMTV. The sixth show was shown on 30 December 2005, on a Friday and does not appear on "OFI Sunday" episode lists on various websites. Guests for the 30 December show were Katie Melua and Ulrika Jonsson. There were plans to have a tribute band who were picked by Evans as the best one in the country to appear on this edition, but this was scrapped by UMTV after the two unaired pilot episodes of the main series filmed in early November.

The first pilot was filmed on 6 November 2005 at ITV London Studios with Jodie Kidd as the main guest and three U2 tribute bands: Us4//U2, Achtung Baby and Unforgettable Fire. The studio audience were in 70s fancy dress; each tribute band played 90 seconds of a U2 song. Us4//U2 played "Beautiful Day", Achtung Baby played "Vertigo" and Unforgettable Fire played "New Year's Day"; the idea was that after all three bands had played their songs the audience would clap for each band in turn and a mannequin dummy dressed as a rock guitarist in a black wig would register the claps on its clapometer guitar fret board. Us4//U2 were the winners of this pilot episode; the 27 November show was due to feature Oasis tribute bands. Other tribute acts would have seen Robbie Williams being paid homage to; the winner would have played at Evans's end of year party, with the acts playing into the commercial breaks. The second unaired pilot episode featured the same three Oasis tribute acts as those that would have been on 27 November show.

Writer Allan Pease was interviewed for one of the pilots. 20 November 2005 - Billie Piper 27 November 2005 - James Nesbitt 4 December 2005 - Zöe Lucker and McFly 11 December 2005 - Bradley Walsh and Sharleen Spiteri 18 December 2005 - Robbie Williams 30 December 2005 - Will Young, Katie Melua and Ulrika Jonsson Secret Photo - Evans takes a photo of something before the show shows it to the guest. He doesn't tell anyone else what the photo was about and destroys the photo. Glad or sad - Audience members and the guest decide whether they are "glad" or "sad" about something in this week's news. Mine or not mine? - A viewer or audience member guesses if something belongs to someone else. If they are right they win a gadget. Gadgets and gizmos - Evans and co-presenter Tom show some gadgets and gizmos that the audience and viewers can win. Tom rates the gadgets points out of 10. Laid Up - Three "laid up" contestants compete to win a classic car. Look-a-bit-likely - In the fifth episode Robbie Williams decides if people look a bit like famous celebrities.

Tom - Ex-navy officer who presents and rates the gadgets and gizmos. Hiten - Chris' real life assistant for the show for the first two shows, but from the third episode would spin the caller/audience wheel for Mine or Not Mine in a wig. TFI Friday

Storm Davis

George Earl "Storm" Davis, is an American former professional baseball player who pitched in the major leagues from 1982 to 1994. He is a two-time World Series champion. Davis was the winning pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles in Game Four of the 1983 World Series versus the Philadelphia Phillies, he was the losing pitcher for the Oakland Athletics in Games Two and Five of the 1988 World Series versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 1989, he won a career-high 19 games for the A's during a season which the A's won 99 games, more than any other team in Major League Baseball. After Davis pitched in the only AL Championship Series game that the A's lost that year, Davis was scheduled to be the A's starting pitcher for Game Four of the 1989 World Series; when the Loma Prieta earthquake caused Game 3 to be delayed by ten days, Tony La Russa decided to re-use the winners of Games 1 and 2, Dave Stewart and Mike Moore, as the starting pitchers of Games 3 and 4. La Russa's strategy worked: both Stewart and Moore won their games, Davis, publicly angry at La Russa for the change, became a free agent at the end of the season.

Years Dave Stewart described Davis as the "best fifth starter had ever.... Pitched 165-170 innings, won 19 games and spent some time doing a pretty good job out of the bullpen, too. Storm was the perfect fifth starter." Stewart's high opinion of Davis' 1989 season is not shared by sabermetrician Bill James, who cites Davis' 19-7 winning record as a canonical example of how a pitcher's won-lost record can be misleading. After the 1989 season, the Kansas City Royals signed Davis to a three-year, $6 million contract. Davis had an ERA, worse than the league average in 1989, but Royals pitching coach Frank Funk said, "We don't want pitchers with good ERA's. We want pitchers with wins." In his two seasons in Kansas City, Davis had a win–loss record of 10-19. He pitched in relief in 1991 before being traded to the Baltimore Orioles. Davis served as pitching coach for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, a Class AA farm team for the Miami Marlins, he is the head pitching coach at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville alongside former World Series Champion Michael Carl Jones of the Royals.

According to his 1987 Topps baseball card, Davis' nickname derived from a character in a book his mother read while pregnant. Another story traces his nickname to similarities with Jim Palmer, the Orioles' Cy Young Award-winning pitcher. Davis worked as head baseball coach at The Bolles School for the 2008 and 2009 seasons after spending the previous two seasons as an assistant on the Bolles baseball staff, he resigned to become pitching coach at Low-A Hickory team in the Texas Rangers organization. Davis' son Zachary played football for the Liberty University Flames, he is the head football coach for the class AA Nitro Wildcats in Nitro, West Virginia. Career statistics and player information from Baseball-Reference, or Fangraphs, or Baseball-Reference

JAM Liner

JAM Liner Inc. is a bus company that serves direct routes from Manila to provinces of Laguna and Quezon. Dennise Trajano serves as JAM Liner's President and CEO as well as Philtranco Services Enterprises, Incorporated; the name JAM Liner came from the first letter of its founders', Josefina Mercado and her husband, Artemio Mercado, first name and surname. Thus "J"osefina and "A"rtemio "M"ercado. JAM Liner was started on April 7, 1968 by Artemio Mercado and his wife, Josefina Mercado with only four buses, they served the Biñan, Laguna to Manila route. By the Mercados expanded their bus transport business in Laguna, it came to the point. In 1990, they increase their bus network to the provinces of Quezon, Camarines Sur and Sorsogon, they had grown their franchises to around 290 bus units. However, in 2000, the Jose “Pepito” Ch. Alvarez-led Penta Pacific Realty Corporation took over the management. Chavez integrated JAM Liner's operations with Philtranco Services Enterprises, Inc. a bus company that Penta Pacific bought out in 1999.

Despite the integration of these two bus companies, JAM Liner and Philtranco run by their own set of company structures and subsidiaries. JAM Liner is operated under JAM Group of Companies with their subsidiaries: JAM Liner, JAM Transit, Phil Tourister and First Charters and Tours Transport Corporation; the company was headed by its president and CEO, Dennise Trajano. JAM Liner, along with Philtranco became innovative in their ticketing services with their ventures to VMoney, Smart's Pinoy Travel. In 2013, The Dawn composed and perform their company theme song entitled "JAM Tayo". In 2015, JAM Liner had a joint venture with SM Investments Corporation in expanding their operations to Cebu; the joint venture formed the Metro Rapid Transit Service Inc. or known as "Cebu MyBus". A bus rapid transit system with services within SM Seaside City, SM City Cebu, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, to key cities along Metro Cebu and vice versa, it was JAM Liner's first expansion to Visayas and one of their biggest attempt in the region, predominated by the country's largest, Yanson Group of Bus Companies.

In 2016, JAM Liner along with QRS Logistics and University of the Philippines had their own basketball team for the PBA Developmental League as UP-QRS-JAM. Majority of their team members are from UP Maroons. In March, JAM Liner along with their alliances Philtranco and FastCat unveiled their modernization program in aiming to link Luzon and Mindanao. Accordingly, Philtranco and JAM Liner envisioned having a fleet of 1000 with FastCat as their partner in sea to expand their road network, nationwide. JAM Liner utilizes buses that are made from a local coach builder, Santarosa Motor Works Philippines and some of them have surplus Korean buses which were modified into Santarosa Daewoo facemask. Santarosa UD Nissan Diesel EXFOH Santarosa UD Nissan Diesel PKB212 Santarosa MAN Explorer Santarosa MAN Modulo UD Nissan Diesel Euro Bus Santarosa Daewoo BF106 Santarosa Daewoo BS106 Santarosa Daewoo BV115 Santarosa Daewoo BS120S Santarosa Daewoo BH117H Daewoo BH115E Daewoo BH116 Kia Granbird Kia Asia AM928 JAM Liner Buendia Station, 2124 Taft Avenue, Pasay JAM Liner Cubao Station, 831 EDSA, Sacred Heart, Quezon City Sto.

Domingo, Biñan, Laguna Bolbok, Batangas City Talipan, Quezon National Highway, Calamba, Laguna J. Katigbak Street, Mataas na Lupa, Batangas Purok 1, Lemery, Batangas National Highway cor. Diezmo Road, Cabuyao, Laguna EDSA Kamuning, Quezon City Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna Santa Rosa Integrated Terminal, Santa Rosa, Laguna Turbina, Laguna Biñan, Laguna Cabuyao, Laguna Lucena, Quezon Pagbilao, Quezon Batangas City, Batangas Lemery, Batangas Lipa, Batangas Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna JAM Liner used to serve the Manila – Sta. Cruz, Laguna route, now operated by HM Transport and JAC Liner's Lucena Lines, their subsidiaries as of 2000: JAM Transit Phil Touristers Inc. First Charters and Tours Transport Corporation List of bus companies of the Philippines Philtranco JAC Liner

Christian tradition

Christian tradition is a collection of traditions consisting of practices or beliefs associated with Christianity. These ecclesiastical traditions have more or less authority based on the nature of the practices or beliefs and on the group in question. Many churches have traditional practices, such as particular patterns of worship or rites, that developed over time. Deviations from such patterns are sometimes considered heretical. Tradition includes historic teaching of the recognized church authorities, such as Church Councils and ecclesiastical officials, includes the teaching of significant individuals like the Church Fathers, the Protestant Reformers, the founders of denominations. Many creeds, confessions of faith, catechisms generated by these bodies, individuals are part of the traditions of various bodies; the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican churches distinguish between what is called Apostolic or sacred tradition and ecclesiastical traditions. In the course of time ecclesial traditions develop in theology, discipline and devotions.

These the Church may retain, modify or abandon. Apostolic tradition, on the other hand, is the teaching, handed down by the Apostles by word of mouth, by their example and "by the institutions they established", among, the apostolic succession of the bishops: "this living transmission, accomplished in the Holy Spirit, is called Tradition". "And Tradition transmits in its entirety the Word of God, entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit."In his book, James F. Keenan reports studies by some Catholic academics. A study by Bernard Hoose states that claims to a continuous teaching by the Church on matters of sexuality and death and crime and punishment are "simply not true". After examining seven medieval text about homosexuality, Mark Jordan argues that, "far from being consistent, any attempt to make a connection among the texts proved impossible", he calls the tradition's teaching of the Church "incoherent". Karl-Wilhelm Merks considers that tradition itself is "not the truth guarantor of any particular teaching."

Keenan, says that studies of "manualists" such as John T. Noonan Jr. has demonstrated that, "despite claims to the contrary, manualists were co-operators in the necessary historical development of the moral tradition." Noonan, according to Keenan, has provided a new way of viewing at "areas where the Church not only changed, but shamefully did not". In the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy, sacred tradition, but not "ecclesial traditions", is considered official doctrine and of equal authoritative weight to the Bible. Among conservative Protestants, the Bible itself is the only final authority, but tradition still plays an important supporting role. All three groups accept the traditional developments on the doctrine of the Trinity, for instance, set bounds of orthodoxy and heresy based on that tradition, they have developed creedal and confessional statements which summarize and develop their understanding of biblical teaching. Christian dietary laws Great Church Passion Play Baum, Wilhelm.

The Church of the East: A Concise History. London-New York: Routledge-Curzon. Hotchkiss, Gregory K; the Middle Way: Reflections on Scripture and Tradition, in series, Reformed Episcopal Pamphlets, no. 3. Media, Penn.: Reformed Episcopal Publication Society, 1985. 27 p. N. B.: Place of publication given as Philadelphia, Penn.. Without ISBN